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Sunday Reads: Already Forgotten New Year’s Resolutions, Suicide Hotline Masturbators and World War III Memes

Instead of opting for a New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided on some vague, shall we say, goals for 2020. Like “read more books” and “spend less time mindlessly using my phone.” Considering I used my phone for just over seven hours on New Year’s Day — thanks for that info, Apple Screen Time 🙁 — I’m already a little bit off the pace. But, y’know, I’ll keep at it, because it’s probably the right thing for my mental health, and that’s really what resolutions, er, goals, should be about, right? 

Must Read

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Quote of the Week

When the seminal anime Akira came out in 1988, the international cult hit about a dystopian Tokyo 31 years after a nuclear explosion had a profound impact on film and sci-fi — but its statement about male violence and societal despair is what rings most true at the dawn of 2020.

Tweet of the Week

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But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…