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Stone Lifting > Deadlifting, Teens 4 Mike Gravel and How Doctors and Buffalo Wild Wings Are Taking Advantage of Peak Vasectomy Season

Of course dudes lugging around giant stones is more badass than deadlifting a slim, steel bar to your knees. Just check out this video:

That’s some Braveheart shit right there. Makes me want to throw a football over them mountains.

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“From Working Men to World-Class Athletes, Stone Lifting Has Always Been the Ultimate Feat of Strength”
Do you even lift giant stones, bro? Stone lifting, an ancient tradition dating back a thousand years, is about as primal as an exercise gets. Strength, after all, has long been connected directly with work capacity. A stronger person could do more work; a stronger person was more useful. And heavy stones served as a simple measure of that strength. Not much has changed in those thousand years — if anything, stone lifting is more sport than work. But for the world’s strongest humans, it’s still the ultimate feat of strength. READ MORE

Stoners: The Untapped Market

It’s a strange thing that major food-service brands don’t market more to stoners, considering the rapidly changing legal landscape around cannabis, and of course, stoners’ capacity for chowing down. That’s right: Legalization might be the thing that sends junk food sales into the stratosphere, but you won’t see McDonald’s or Taco Bell advertising to people with the munchies. That, however, could change any day now.

Anti-Vaxxers Have My Parents But They Don’t Have Me

Score one for the children. Namely, the teens of anti-vaxxers, some of whom are resisting the misguided wishes of their parents and getting vaccinated in secret. Joseph Longo spoke to two courageous teenagers going it alone on the path to vaccination.

Teens 4 Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel, America’s favorite grumpy old leftist, is back, baybay! The 88-year-old former U.S. Senator from the great state of Alaska announced on Twitter this week that he has emerged from his cobweb-covered crypt to run for president. And, from the sound of it, he’s not fucking around:

Sure, it might seem strange that a 9/11 truther who hasn’t held office since 1981 is taking a lukewarm shot at the White House. But Mike’s got a perfectly good explanation for how he was convinced to come back:

Don’t laugh, though — Miles Klee explains why the support given by Gen Z to crotchety old men like Gravel actually makes a ton of sense.

Second-Hand Vapor

Now that Juul e-cigs have taken over the goddamn world, we need to talk about what those massive vape clouds are doing to the people around us, particularly indoors. Because, despite what the guy Juuling next to you on the bus might tell you, secondhand vapor is indeed dangerous.

March Vas Madness

Which came first, guys getting vasectomies in March, or urologists advertising March as the best time to do it? In other words, is this all a Hallmark Holiday conspiracy, only instead of buying cards, it’s convincing guys that this is the time of year to get snipped? The fact is, rumors that March is madness for vasectomy clinics is a bit overblown. But that hasn’t stopped doctors — and, weirdly, a certain chicken-wing purveyor — to advertise the shit out of it.