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The Sex Workers That Sex Workers Think You Should Follow

We asked some of the digital and IRL sex workers we featured this year to pay it forward by sharing some of their favorite porn stars, virtual girlfriends and in-person service providers

In the infamous carol “The 12 Days of Christmas,” the singer brags about all the bossy gifts their “true love” gave them for the holidays. But since since six geese-a-laying and a bunch of turtle doves seem unsanitary — not to mention a violation of city ordinances — we decided to gift you with 12 of something better: A handful of sex workers you should absolutely know about. Whether they’re becoming literary superstars, breaking the “stunt cock” mold or literally embodying gay Jesus himself, they’re the real gifts we need this Christmas. And no, not one of them is a turtle dove.

Christmas is nothing if you don’t pay it forward. Yeah, there’s eggnog, mistletoe, Toyotathon and that Jesus guy to consider too, but the true spirit of the holidays? Giving back to the people who’ve given you so much to you. 

And really — who gives us more than sex workers? This year, we introduced you to 12 noteworthy porn stars, cam girls, escorts and virtual girlfriends, all of whom either shaped the sex work industry, made a splash in it or are doing everything they can to flip it on its head. There was King Noire, the great porn renaissance man who talked to Zaron Burnett III about the porn industry’s racist window dressing and making porn by and for the Black community. There was TS Madison, the raucous escort-cum-porn star who became the first trans woman to have her own reality show. There was Cyd St. Vincent, who pioneered trans male porn, Jasmin St. Claire, who will forever hold the title of “Gangbang Queen” and Siri Dahl, who we didn’t even talk about sex with at all — we just wanted to hear about her powerlifting routine. Oh, and if you were wondering if there just so happened to be a gay porn Jesus, we tried to find him, too. 

But, as interesting as they all are, they’re also far from alone. There are thousands — possibly millions — of other sex workers who deserve a little shine as well, and we had the ones we featured this year throw out a few. So, without further adieu, here are the sex workers your new favorite sex workers think you should follow. 


Aubrey Kate: Aubrey is a gorgeous, blonde trans model with a seriously kinky side. A longtime submissive and certified girly girl, she often shoots for where you can find her doing all sorts of BDSMs with guys who know how to handle a crop and restraints (though, her dominant side does come out every now and then). As per her Pornhub bio, she was the first trans woman to star in a Wicked Pictures film, and she considers herself to be the porn version of Paris Hilton.

Rocky Emerson: A self-proclaimed “neighborhood alt girl,” this tattooed brunette porn star fits right in with Angel’s aesthetic (and often works with her, too). She makes all kinds of content from bisexual threesomes to “psychedelic shower teases,” most of which show off her impressive versatility and kinky interests. She’s available to sex with through Sext Panther, but you can also find her on OnlyFans and Pornhub

Jessie Lee: A gothy, self-proclaimed “rock n’ roll diva of porn,” Lee is another tatted-up brunette who makes a dizzying variety of content with a proportionally charming attitude. A stroll through her Pornhub profile provides a telling preview: “Forget those goody two-shoes broads who study hard and always say please and thank you, because spunky, punky badass Jessie Lee can eat them for breakfast before she gobbles up cock for lunch and dinner.” Also, she “eats vag so well that her girlfriends risk dehydration from having every ounce of twat water slurped out of them.” Uh, promise?


Melrose Michaels: “Fuck being a lady, I’m going to be a legend,” reads the Twitter bio of porn star, gamer, YouTuber, podcaster and cyber-babe Melrose Michaels. Well, mission accomplished — the busty redhead appears to be doing everything, all at once. In addition to making porn and being hot, she’s the founder of Networthy, a clothing line made for sex workers, by sex workers, as well as SexWorkCEO, a suite of educational tools and resources for adult enterpreneurs. Somehow, she also finds time to let her fans into her world — she’s got a personal journal you can subscribe to on Twitter, and she responds so fast to OnlyFans DMs that you’ll get whiplash. It’s currently unclear whether she sleeps. 


OmankoVivi: A “stoned A.I. succubus” and “2D model,” OmankoVivi does both porn and virtual sex work, the latter of which she sometimes does as a hentai character. On her ManyVids page, she specializes in cosplay and roleplay, much of which has a femdom twist. One of the growing numbers of sex workers who transverse both real-life and A.I. spaces, she’s a perfect example of how you can keep high technology intimate and fun. 

Jenny Starveling: Starveling is among the internet’s longest-running 3D camgirls, and you can find her on OnlyFans and by playing the game Second Life. LewdNeko describes her as a “warm and friendly presence within the community” who puts together some killer outfits — the stacked, virtual redhead can be found in everything from an autumn leaf-crusted mesh coverlet to an elven-genie number that looks straight outta Avatar. You never see her human form, but that’s just as well — virtual people are people, too. 


Jet Setting Jasmine: Jasmine is King Noire’s wife and business partner, and you should listen to everything she says. In addition to being a prolific, kinky performer who makes gorgeous porn that caters to the Black community through her company Royal Fetish Studios, she’s also a liscensed therapist, a sex educator and an expert on sex work-positive parenting. Focusing on the decolonization of porn and the destigmatization of sex work at-large, she’s probably done more for the industry than 10 people could do in a lifetime. 


Nixon: Nineteen years ago, Nixon, her arms adorned with tattoos, stepped onto the set of her first Suicide Girls shoot. Now 47, she’s been an official Suicide Girl for almost two decades, and she recently returned to shoot for the site’s 20th anniversary. Since then, she’s kept a blog on the site where she shares everything from funny stories to earnest recollections about how Suicide Girls changed her life. A real alt OG. 

Bettina: Another classic Suicide Girl from back in the day — 2002, to be exact — Bettina is a living, breathing retro pin-up fantasy. At 42, she’s still performing burlesque, modeling, playing music and writing erotica, her perfect Bettie Page bangs and classically beautiful looks transporting to you a blissful, iPhone-free era where people still said things like, “Heaven to Betsy” and “toots.” If you love glamor, tasteful lewds and picturing someone talking dirty to you in a Transatlantic accent, you’ve got your girl. 


Vicky Aisha: At first glance, Aisha is a gorgeous blonde Australian PAWG who bares it all on her OnlyFans, but a closer look reveals that she’s a seasoned animal-rights activist who devotes “everything she earns” to setting up an animal sanctuary and helping her be self-sufficient on her “vegan homestead.” I believe that’s code for “I live on a farm,” and if so, more power to her — as she says on her OnlyFans, it’s nice to support a good cause and see some tittie at the same time. 

Meredith Jacqueline: Podcaster, porn star and comedian Meredith Jacqueline is a lot of things, but her Twitter name sums it up best: “Pretty and rude.” Curvy, brunette, tattooed and full of personality — translation: she’s hilarious — she co-hosts the podcast Like a Virgin, where people tell hilarious stories of virginity spoiled, as well as Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast, which takes a closer, more quirky look at the porn industry. Audibly guffaw at her podcasts, then audibly gasp at her porn

Bibo: Lux didn’t offer an explanation for why she chose Bibo, but I can only assume it’s because this girl is funny as shit. A slim redhead whose OnlyFans bio offers exactly no information about her other than the word “Bibo,” she seemingly spends her days tweeting the things we all think but don’t say. Sure, she’s hot, but if you’re also looking for someone whose hotness comes from within — pause for kumbaya — then, right this way. 


Bailey Jay: One of St. Vincent’s first porn crushes, he says she was “always so good at deflecting weird transphobes with jokes that made her not just look but sound like the coolest girl in the room.” In fact, he was so taken with her that he even let her “fuck [him] on screen with a pink dildo back at a time when [he] was much more invested in [his] own masculinity.” I can see why — as Bailey says on Pornhub she’s a “super cute chick with great curves, an amazing set of smooth round cans and a sweet hipster style” who occupies the fantasies of “men, women and everyone who falls somewhere in between.”

Billy Vega: I’m just going to let St. Vincent sell this one: “I went to Berlin in 2019 and had sex with someone who has sex with Billy Vega, who I think is like one of the hottest trans guys in porn,” he says. “I was praying I would be able to do a German-style fisting and pissing scene with Billy, but he was out of town during my trip. Instead, I had sex on ketamine at Berghaim and then threw up and got in a fight with the coat-check queens.” Any questions?

Christopher Lee: Once again, St. Vincent says it better than me: “Everyone talks about Buck Angel as the first FTM porn star, but Christopher Lee made Alley of the Tranny Boys and Sex Flesh in Blood in the mid-1990s. I took my best friend who I had a crush on to a retrospective on his work at the Parkway Theatre in Oakland, thinking it would be arty, and it was four hours of really fetishy hardcore trans man gay sex. It was extremely awkward and tense, but the movies are hot and I want to salute Christopher who is the true groundbreaker for Bonus Hole Boys.” 


Alex More: More is a co-worker of Little’s at the Chicken Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada. A social work student with a “penchant for social justice and philanthropy,” the curly-haired brunette shoots porn and meets with clients between writing papers and doing homework. According to her Chicken Ranch bio, her sexual fantasy is to “to explore one another to the fullest, cuddle, sleep next to one another and then wake up in the morning and do it again!”

Lacy Lennon: Lennon is a 25-year-old redheaded powerhouse porn star and 2020 Penthouse Pet of the Year who grew up sneaking peeks of Playboy magazines in the South where she grew up. Dazzled by the big-titted, small-waisted women who graced the pages — and a late bloomer herself — she eventually decided to become a nude model herself. She loves nature, is a trained classical singer and makes custom content on OnlyFans.