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Can Human Growth Hormone Change the Size of Your Dick?

If you’re looking for a magical ‘penis growth hormone,’ you’ll be much better off if you’re a child with a hormonal disorder…

Updated on 5/30/2022

The magic of science has allowed us to create a synthetic version of the hormone responsible for us growing into full-sized adults, aptly named the human growth hormone. It’s even approved by the Food and Drug Administration for medical use in increasing height and penis size. 

So why the hell isn’t every guy on the planet using HGH? 

Well, because it’s for children. 

Human growth hormone, when injected by a doctor, has indeed been proven to allow people to grow taller and achieve “average” sized penises. However, those people for whom it’s been approved are almost exclusively teenagers or younger kids with developmental conditions impacting their body size. These treatments are effective because biologically, they’re not done growing. Prior to the end of puberty, hormonal issues causing problems like micropenises can actually still be remedied with hormonal therapy, including HGH injections. As an older study established, human growth hormone therapy increased the penis size of 18 out of 20 boys with “isolated growth hormone deficiency,” most of whom had micropenises

Other studies, though, have found other types of hormone therapies just as effective in treating micropenises specifically. One study from the Indian Journal of Urology found that both human chorionic gonadotropin treatments for children under 11, and testosterone therapy for children older than 11, to be effective in more than doubling micropenis size. Further research has also pointed to a specific cause of micropenises pertaining to the 46,XY chromosome, for which human growth hormone or other hormonal therapies might be effective when administered prior to puberty. 

Unfortunately for adults who may not have been given the proper treatment as children, hormonal growth therapies of this kind may be ineffective or even dangerous beyond puberty, leading to cancerous growths or diabetes. There are currently only three approved uses of HGH in adults: treating short bowel syndrome, pituitary tumors and muscle-wasting caused by HIV or AIDS. It’s otherwise ineffective in increasing height or penis size in adults, because the body has stopped its other growth mechanisms in these regions. 

While testosterone and growth hormone treatments can be effective in bolstering the other bodily phenomena it causes, like facial hair or muscle growth, these are aspects of the body that don’t entirely cease to develop until much later in life, if they do at all. Penis size and height, however, hit their limits during puberty. 

There’s ultimately no evidence that human growth hormones will do anything to enhance an adult’s penis size. Online, human growth hormone “supplements” are available in pill form, but these won’t have much effect at all as they’ll be absorbed by the stomach before reaching other regions of the body. In order to be effective, HGH must be injected. Or let me put it this way: If HGH could indeed safely increase penis size in adults — or if there were some magical penis growth hormone doctors could shoot into your dick — they’d likely be doing it already anyway.