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NoFappers Gonna App, An Ode to Mr. Autumn Man and Why the Whole Sapiosexual Scene Is A Sham

Autumn is here — hope y’all are happy, because I’m certainly not. According to some, basic autumn bros are the happiest dudes on Earth. Personally, I don’t see it; why anyone would want to be jolted from consistently perfect summer days (at least, well, here in L.A.) and placed on a steadily worsening weather conveyor belt toward winter is beyond me.

I’d trade heat of the sun for PSLs any day of the week.

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“The Guys Who Swear by Habit-Tracking Apps to Curb Their Masturbation”
For the typical schmo, habit-tracking apps such as Habitshare are designed to help you live a productive, healthy lifestyle. But for the reformed formerly “unhealthy” masturbators of the NoFap movement, they’re great for another reason: To gamify their abstinence — and, thanks to these apps’ social components, make a few friends in the process. READ MORE

Left Out in the #MeToo Cold

#MeToo has rightfully been lauded as a long-past-its-due reckoning for powerful, predatory men, and a new beginning for women tired of being abused (most especially in the workplace). Yet the fact remains — there are men who have also been abused who feel largely left out of #MeToo. And while they applaud the movement’s efforts and decidedly don’t want to make it about them, the “men vs. women” framing isn’t doing anyone any favors — and runs completely counter to its founding principles.

Not This ‘Sapiosexual’ Shit Again

Music producer Mark Ronson “came out” as sapiosexual recently, and now we’re back to that place we all thought we’d long since escaped where we have to discuss the validity of sapiosexuals — i.e., people who, as one Twitter user put it, “want to finger your brain and not your pussy.” We’ve got bad news for Ronson, though: Sapio is a sham. Miles Klee explains why.

Don’t Read This if You Love Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme

No, seriously. Turn back now, all ye who enter here and love those hexagonal flavor-bombs. Because judging by the Crunchwrap’s ingredients list, your tastebuds aren’t the only thing they’re bombing:

Fifty freakin’ ingredients. 50!!! That’s more than enough to overwhelm your blood sugar, raise your blood pressure, and as one chemical in there might be responsible for, “add bulk to your stool.” Yikes. Get the skinny on this decidedly not-skinny food product’s ingredients, here.

Et Tu, Brussels Sprouts?

Meat-eaters are largely seen as the riskiest demographic when it comes to nutrition-related health issues, but have we been sleeping on the risks associated with an all-veg diet? Some scientists believe so, buoyed by a recent study released in the BMJ which suggests vegetarians are more likely than omnivores to suffer from a certain kind of stroke. Magdalene Taylor interviewed a number of nutritionists to find out whether this is worthy of concern for the plant-eating crowd, or if we’re looking at another study blown way out of proportion.

Amateur Hour

What does it mean to a verified amateur on Pornhub? The coveted blue checkmark has navigated its way from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to everyone’s favorite tube site, and it separates the kinda-maybe amateurs from the real-deal Holyfield ones. Here’s what makes that such a potentially lucrative distinction.

The Science of Poopin’ Outchu Mouf

I’m so sorry. So very, very, very sorry.