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Mass Quantities at the Golden Corral, Why ‘Fyre’ Didn’t Take On Millennials and How ‘Mouthbreather’ Became An Insult

Tim Grierson’s interview with Fyre director Chris Smith is a great look behind the scenes of 2019’s early favorite for documentary of the year. And Smith, to his credit, refuses to play the schadenfreude game on scene-y millennials shelling out thousands to some greasy New York flimflammer simply because they watched a hype video with a bunch of half-naked models in it.

But c’mon — don’t we deserve it? Personally, I felt little sympathy for the cash-rich masses stuck going all Lord of the Flies over FEMA tents. You deserved it, folks, for buying tickets sight unseen — to a glorified Blink-182 concert, no less — because Kendall Jenner told you to.

Let’s face it: ya done goofed.

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*Heavy Breathing*

It’s right up there with “cuck,” “snowflake” and “neckbeard” for the most oft-used insult of the last few years: “Mouthbreather.” That said, mouthbreathing, on its face, doesn’t scream “I’m a dumb ape, worthy of your slings and arrows,” as it’s come to connote. It’s actually the manifestation of some very normal respiratory and nasal issues — for example, a deviated septum — of which many suffer, and have little control over. So how did it morph into a pejorative? Tierney Finster investigates.