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Magic, Mischief and Beef (Hearts), It’s What’s for Dinner

Don’t look now, but things are getting spookier around these parts. And besides witches and monsters, what’s a Halloween Week without a little magic? Alright, maybe not the best transition, but for real, there’s this young magician, Franco Pascali, who’s turning the magic world on its head. As such, our very own Eddie Kim spoke to the Gen Z wunderkind about the future of the dark arts. It is, if I do say so myself, a magical conversation. (Again, my apologies for my less-than-magical prose.)

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Gender Bender

You know what’s scarier than any killer car, dog, pet “sematary” or possessed hotel? Why gender identity, of course.

Eat Your Heart Out

Thinking about cooking up some heart meat this Halloween? Of course you are, you sinister ghoul, you. But before you cut one out and dig in, consider the foul flesh you’re about to put in your body:

Okay, so with their lack of unhealthy fats and high amount of protein, (beef) hearts aren’t only not bad for you, they’re actually really good for your own heart. Plus, they have a secret ingredient, coenzyme Q10. Find out why it’s so beneficial for you, here.

Mischief Night

If Halloween is the tame, somewhat campy main event of spooky season, then October 30th, aka “Mischief Night,” is Halloween’s mayhem-filled undercard. That’s when, as tradition has it, local kids sneak out of the house and prank their neighbors — TPing houses, “egging” front doors and generally running amok. Here’s how that tradition began, and perhaps more importantly, how you get all that egg off of your vinyl siding.

These Guys Take Costumes Really Seriously

There are two types of people when it comes to dressing up for Halloween: The person who spends 10 minutes putting their costume together with whatever they have hanging in their closet, and the people who spend the entire freaking year — and sometimes even longer — planning and preparing an elaborate get-up. Ian Lecklitner spoke to a trio of dudes who started working toward their Halloween costume months and months (and months) in advance.

I grew my hair out for over a year to be Bob Ross for Halloween. My wife was a happy little tree. from pics

Off With Your Butt

Sorry, buttheads, if you’re big boned in the gluteus maximus area, and you’re getting into running in an attempt to literally “run your butt off,” we’ve got bad news for you: It ain’t gonna happen.

Winter Wash

Considering it seems to rain, sleet, snow or blizzard once a day in some parts of the country during the winter, is it really necessary to wash your car just to watch it get all messed up again a few days (hours?) later? Well, of course it is — just as long as you don’t make a wet situation worse by washing your car against the winter-washing rules.