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The Semen-y Spectacle of r/Hyperspermia, Reddit’s Hub for Huge Loads

Technically, ‘hyperspermia’ is a medical condition with no known cause or cure. But that doesn’t stop thousands of people from gathering to drool over it on Reddit

There are a lot of euphemisms out there for cum, and just as many ways to describe a particularly significant quantity of it: Big loads, massive cumshot, gigantic jizz, you name it. The medical term for this, in case you were wondering, is hyperspermia. And despite the endless, more sexualized ways you could label it, there is a community on Reddit for whom hyperspermia is their preferred term. And yes, they’re horny about it. 

On r/Hyperspermia, more than 83,000 people have gathered to admire large amounts of cum. The description of the group is a simple medical definition that appears to be an edited version of what appears on MedicalNewsToday: “In medicine, hyperspermia is a condition in which a male has an abnormally large ejaculate (or semen) volume, and is generally defined in humans when the ejaculate is above 5.5 milliliters.” While this might make it seem like they’re a science-y bunch, they’re not — the group is mostly just devoted to pictures and videos of penises ejaculating. In fact, a requirement to post is that you include a visible cumshot over 5.5 milliliters.

There are, however, some mild attempts at gathering data and information about the “condition” on the sub. For example, it features a pinned post that’s just a survey asking members with hyperspermia to describe their demographics and body type. More interestingly, it also asks questions about people’s experiences with hyperspermia, such as, “What does it feel like when all that volume is building up inside you? Do you feel it just in your testicles or elsewhere (prostate/seminal vesicles) as well?” And: “Which parts of having hyperspermia would you get rid of if you could, which parts do you like the most? If you could choose not to have hyperspermia at all, would you?”

Dozens of people have publicly responded to the survey. One person, who describes themselves as 33 years old, 160 pounds and 5-foot-10, claims they can fill a two-ounce shot glass with their semen in a single orgasm. Again, comparatively, the high end of average ejaculate volume — 5.5 milliliters — is only about 0.18 ounces. Allegedly, then, this man can cum at least 10 times more than the average person (he included an image of a semen-filled shot glass as proof, which someone else stated appeared to be closer to 30 milliliters, or just over an ounce in quantity.) 

Despite the geyser lurking in his balls, this has apparently presented some challenges for him. For one, he typically spills out of the sides of condoms when he cums during sex. Also, it sometimes freaks his partners out. “One woman I was dating started giving me a blow job,” he wrote. “We hadn’t had sex before, and she just wanted us to please each other orally first. When I came, she took it all in her mouth, although near the end, a lot dripped onto me. She went to the bathroom and then came back a minute later and said, ‘That was a lot.’ After that night, she stopped going out with me.”

But despite these pitfalls, the subreddit mostly fetishizes the condition. Videos of men cumming receive comments like, “Holy shit, wanna pump that into me?” and there are a lot of queries about how commenters can get loads of an equal size. And according to MedicalNewsToday and Healthline, there’s not really much of a reason for people interested in hyperspermia not to be. While it’s possible that the condition can impact fertility in that the actual quantity of sperm in the semen is diluted and can therefore have more difficulty reaching an egg, it isn’t really considered a sign of much of anything. There’s also no concrete answer as to what causes it, nor is there any treatment — it’s, like so many dick-related phenomena, a beautiful, highly eroticized mystery. 

And given the love that members of r/Hyperspermia have for it, that’s likely just fine by them.