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How Long Does Molly Last, and Why Can’t I Feel My Face?

Here’s everything you need to know to have the best roll of your life

Thanks to Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, bars, clubs and seedy underground shows are back with a vengeance. That means it’s finally safe to mosh in a throng of sweaty bodies, but the time might also be nigh to pop that molly you scored before the pandemic. 

However, you’ll need to set yourself up for success if you expect to roll like a champion. Here’s how to prepare for your molly trip, what to anticipate — including a powerful urge to hump the shit out of your favorite decorative pillow — and most importantly, how to perform the perfect “turbo hug” once you start rolling. 

What’s the difference between molly and ecstasy?

Not much. “Molly” and “ecstasy” are both slang terms for the same psychoactive drug, MDMA. The different names arose when, in the early 2000s, ecstasy earned a bad reputation for being impure, so dealers rebranded the drug and called it “molly.” Today, in clubs and on the street, molly has a reputation of being more “pure,” but studies prove otherwise.

The only real difference you may notice is that molly typically comes as a gel capsule, whereas ecstasy is often sold as a funny-looking pressed pill.

How do I get molly in me?

You can go the traditional route and simply swallow the pill or tablet. You can crush and snort it for a shorter, more intense high, but also a higher risk potential. You can dissolve it into water, which can be a good way to space out your dose, but it’ll taste pretty bad. And as always, if you have a sensitive stomach and are feeling frisky, you could insert the pill or tablet into your ass (that’s called boofing, kids). 

How do I know my molly is real?

Sadly, there’s a pretty good chance it’s not. “Nearly half of the ‘molly’ or ‘ecstasy’ sold today contains other illegal drugs [amphetamine, “bath salts,” cocaine and ketamine, just to name a few] and sometimes it doesn’t contain MDMA at all,” says Betty Aldworth of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

Your best line of defense against a bad batch is a basic reagent test — you can buy one online for $50, which can be used for up to 75 pills — and you can learn how to use them here. Unfortunately, you can’t tell if your molly’s real by sight or smell, so a reagent test is really the only way.

How much should I take?

A standard dose of molly is between 70 and 125 milligrams (you’ll need a gram scale to know for sure, because unfortunately, studies have discovered that your average molly pill can contain anywhere from zero to 245 milligrams of MDMA). In most cases, less is more if you want to feel the positive effects (energy, euphoria, potential horniness) with fewer negative reactions (nausea, paranoia, gurning until your jaw is wrecked). Plus, you’ll have a less severe comedown.

How long does molly take to kick in?

Around 30 minutes after taking it as a pill or dissolved in water. The effects should peak anywhere between one and two hours.

If that’s not quick enough and you’re feeling brave, boofing molly can produce more immediate effects, although the safety of doing so is understudied. Snorting it is even quicker, but again, it’s probably more dangerous.

How long does molly last?

Long enough to skip dinner with grandma. “The strongest effects of MDMA subside within three to five hours, though it’s wise to wait ‘til you’ve had a good night’s sleep before picking up a power tool or engaging in other activities that you’d want to be clear-headed for,” says Aldworth. 

What’s the come-up like? How can I tell if I’m rolling?

As one experienced molly user on Reddit describes, “You feel happy, loved and wanted by the world. You feel as if your purpose is meaningful and that you have every reason to love yourself and have others love you.” Your vision may also become slightly blurry or pixelated, since MDMA appears to impact neurons in the brain that are connected to your eyes, and you might feel somewhat tingly.

Can I make the comedown less gloomy?

Unfortunately, taking molly almost always siphons some happiness from the next few days to generate those precious hours of extreme jubilance. However, Aldworth says that avoiding alcohol and other drugs, staying hydrated, nibbling on fruits and salty snacks, being around people who are trustworthy and supportive, and of course, making sure your molly is real can all help you have a more mellow comedown.

There’s also a nifty supplement called 5-HTP (or 5-hydroxytryptophan), which is known by molly lovers to replenish your serotonin after an evening of rolling. There’s some science to back this up, but there’s also competing research that suggests these molly-recovery products are just a money grab. All in all, it might not prevent a comedown, but it could be worth a shot if you’re feeling really, really bad.

What if I want to stop rolling?

While there are a few insider theories — e.g., smoking weed and drinking a beer or two — Aldworth advises against them. Instead, your best bet is simply taking less molly in the first place. “You can’t shorten the MDMA experience, so it’s important to be careful about dosing,” she says. “That’s very difficult because prohibition encourages increasing potency to make drugs easier to transport, so if it’s a new batch, start small.”

What if I want to extend my roll?

Redosing a third or half of the original dose after 30 minutes or so can prolong the experience by another hour or two. But if you redose, expect a more painful comedown.

Some also say that taking the more obscure psychedelic drug 2C-B a few hours into your roll can extend it. Per a summary of one such trip documented by MAPS: “The combination extended and deepened the effects of the MDMA, while adding a more psychedelic component to the experience. Entities were also encountered.” This goes against conventional drug-safety advice, however — who the hell keeps 2C-B handy? Also, entities?

What should I do while rolling?

Massage your friends (or yourself), listen to techno, watch a light show and chew gum to avoid grinding your teeth into stubs. Not interesting enough? Here are some other things to do on molly, according to MDMA-riddled wizards of Reddit:

  • Smell Vicks VapoRub: “Rub some on a bandana and sniff it. The menthol smells/feels amazing when you’re rolling.”
  • Make weird art online: “Play with these websites:”
  • Do a “turbo hug”: “Sit facing each other in the middle of a bed with pillows behind each of you. Take several deep breaths together. Then both hold your breath and hug each other as hard as you can. You’ll start to feel light-headed. When you do, release the breath, release each other, and fall back onto the pillows.”

Okay then!

Why is my face numb?

MDMA causes a rise in blood pressure, heartbeat and temperature, all of which can contribute to that tingling sensation.

Why does my decorative chaise pillow look so sexy right now?

Must be the molly.