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Digital VTubers Like FeFe Are Becoming Fuckable Realities

Beloved anime VTuber FeFe doesn’t have a physical body, yet she still managed to release a pocket pussy her fans are going wild for. But who, exactly, are they fucking if FeFe doesn’t actually exist?

Male masturbators being molded from famous porn stars is nothing new. It’s been going on since the 1980s, and often, it’s an ingenious way for adult performers to market their brand, and democratize the industry in the process. Still, it’s one thing to have Jessie Jane’s pussy in your pocket (hence the name “pocket pussy”), but it’s another to have a Fleshlight of someone who doesn’t technically exist. This is the case with virtual YouTuber FeFe’s Onahole, a squishy, oddly shaped tube with a textured, fully fuckable anatomical vagina inside. 

FeFe is a VTuber and sex worker, who released her very own pocket pussy in February — the culmination of two years work. Though it’s up for debate as to whether she’s the first VTuber ever to release a masturbator, she’s certainly one of the most popular to do so. Since she started streaming in January 2020 — later becoming a VTuber and debuting her 2D avatar in November that year — FeFe has amassed over 380,000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 100,000 on Twitch and nearly 180,000 followers on Twitter. During her SFW streams, the big-boobed, purple-haired anime girl, who has a sleeve tattoo down her left arm, mostly remains silent, but has weirdly become renowned for licking other streamers. FeFe is also known for her more NSFW content, including a flashing incident that got her temporarily banned from Twitch. In December 2021, she even appeared live on a billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

“FeFe is a powerhouse of crazy ideas,” says fan The_Tom. “A Times Square billboard is certainly one way of promoting yourself! To me, I think whatever she puts her mind to, she’s going to do it, no matter how nutty it is.”

This nuttiness is exemplified in the Onahole’s description: “A punk rock girl smashing through the radio waves and billboards, delivering horny vibes and insane jams everywhere she goes. Her insatiable perversion, voluptuous tattooed body and search for fresh cocks is what keeps her fully charged for more rounds. With a body ripe, in constant heat, and ready to do whatever you please, she waits for you to rock out her insides, leaving you with just enough for another hot round. Just remember: NO PREGNANT ONLY BREED.” All this can be yours for the low, low price of $39.35. 

With a reputation for innovation, it makes sense that FeFe would be one of the first VTubers to blur the line between real and fake. Still, the question remains: If FeFe’s not actually a real person, who’s vulva and vagina is her pocket pussy molded from? The logical answer is, of course, the anonymous, IRL woman behind FeFe — a possibility that the VTuber herself has hinted at before, tweeting: “Should I be embarrassed or proud that there is a pocket pussy molded after my vagina?” 

As FeFe didn’t reply to my request for comment, we’ll never know for sure — but, for some fans, it wouldn’t even matter. The_Tom — who didn’t buy one because of the “risk of shipping it to the U.K.” — says that if/when he does get hold of FeFe’s Onahole, he’d want it more as a collector’s item than anything else. “I’d have it up in a glass cabinet,” he tells me, “and it would be a good talking point for house parties.”

For 23-year-old Liam, however, the pocket pussy is very much for playing with. “I’ve never had [a Fleshlight] before, but I’d been thinking of getting one by the time [FeFe’s] was announced, so when it was released, I immediately bought it. It came out on my payday too,” he says. “All I can say is that it’s pure bliss. It’s a little awkward, at least for me, to hold onto — and I guess I’m a little too big for it, which is a hell of an ego boost, so I had to use the lube that came with it.” One downside, Liam admits, is that unlike some masturbators, you can’t turn FeFe’s Onahole inside out, meaning “it’s a little hard to clean.”

That hasn’t hindered his enjoyment of it, though. “[If it’s] modeled after FeFe herself, then holy shit FeFe feels fucking great,” Liam concludes. “And reading some reviews, I’m not the only one who says that either. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in buying one. It would be awesome if other VTubers who are very sexual would do the same.”

Until then, he’ll just have to make due with his beloved FeFe. Just remember: NO PREGNANT ONLY BREED.