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Errol Morris on Steve Bannon, What Your Urine Flow Says About Your Dick Size and a Review of the Fantastic ‘Marriage Story’

I really don’t like films that make me feel anything but unbridled joy, but this Tim Grierson review of Marriage Story has got me questioning that policy. Truth be told, it’s been a while since I saw a sad movie — looking at you, Coco — and I could definitely use a good cry.

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“Errol Morris Will Tell You How Fascism Made Steve Bannon Even Richer”
Legendary documentarian Errol Morris didn’t throw up his hands or wail on social media when Donald Trump stormed his way to victory in 2016. He set out to interrogate what went wrong, and who was responsible for things turning out so pear-shaped. That’s also how we’ve ended up with the new doc, American Dharma, Morris’ examination of Steve Bannon, the architect of Trump’s presidential win. Now 71, Morris sat down with Patrick J. Sauer to discuss the film, Trump, Nazis and the utter insanity of world history. READ MORE

‘Marriage Story,’ and the Divorce-Industrial Complex

At its core, Noah Baumbach’s acclaimed new drama, Marriage Story, is an almost procedural chronicling of the step-by-step process of two people splitting up. But looking deeper, it’s really about the natural and unnatural forces that can push a relationship to its breaking point. See it immediately, and bring the tissues.

Yes, Women Can Be Role Models for Men

Talking to men about their female role models is like pulling teeth. Not only do they rarely consider women worth looking up to in the first place, but when they do, the role models they choose are often cliché — yes, we know your mom is super cool (the same for Wonder Woman). Madeleine Holden explains how this speaks to a much larger issue of men being unable to view women as actual human beings, too.

The Quest For the Perfect Backpack

Long gone are the days when guys brought briefcases to work — we’re onto backpacks now. Understanding that transition means analyzing how we work and how we find work, and why that’s changed over the last 30 years.

Meet ‘Mr. Toilet’

All over the world, people struggle to find the resources they need to survive, yet access to a toilet is rarely considered one of them. But Jack Sim, star of the new documentary Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man, is on a global crusade to change that. His mission is to ensure that everyone, no matter their financial means, has a porcelain throne to sit upon.

Decisions, Decisions

Have you ever thought about what you ate before making a massive, life-changing decision? Maybe you should, because what you put in your body prior to making one may set you on the right path, or derail your future forever.

Layer Up

How many layers do you really need to run in winter? More than one? Less than 10? Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions.

When a Shoe Is More Than a Shoe

Sneakers are pretty damn expensive, as much as we wish they weren’t. But be careful what you wish for, because amazingly enough, they could be far more pricey than they already are — and I’m not talking about rare Jordans, either. In fact, it’s the awful realities of the shoe industry that prevent costs from going sky-high.

Just a Trickle

Thanks, Honey Boy. For what, you ask? Well, the new Shia LaBeouf film has provided an all-new dick-related myth to address: Whether having a weak urine flow means you’ve got a tiny dick. The answer, surprisingly, is that flow and penis size are linked — just not the way LaBeouf thinks.