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A Rickrolling Oral History, Harvey Weinstein’s Walker Bit and What’s Up with Ayn Rand Obsessed College Kids

I’m a big fan of oral histories because there’s always some random-yet-juicy nugget of info only certain people know, like the exact moment the creators of Mortal Kombat came up with “fatalities,” or how Larry from Leisure Suit Larry was partially based on one of the creator’s former co-workers who used to brag about getting laid on company time.

Today’s oral history of “Rickrolling” is no different. I don’t want to give anything away, but trust me, there’s some good shit in there. Now, there aren’t a lot of reasons to want to go back in time to 2008. Things, uh, weren’t looking too good. But if Rickrolling has taught us anything, it’s that at least the memes were still funny, instead of depressing and nihilistic.

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