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Every Skyn Condom, Ranked

Made of ultra-thin, incredibly soft polyisoprene, Skyn condoms are a fan favorite for feeling like you’re wearing (almost) nothing at all. Here, though, is how they stack up against each other

Have you ever polled your sexually active friends about their favorite condoms, like me, or are you normal? In any case, if you decide to do this, there’s a good chance at least some of them will mention Skyn.

Skyn condoms frequently grace the top spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling condoms, consistently exceed four stars in the customer ratings sections of specialty condom shops like Lucky Bloke and were named the best average-sized condom on the market by Wirecutter after rigorous testing (it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it). While most condom users probably wouldn’t say that they love wearing condoms, Skyn does seem to be one of the most widely beloved brands on the market.

So, what sets Skyns apart? 

A lot of the magic is in the material. Rather than being made of natural latex derived from rubber trees, like your standard Trojan or Durex, Skyn condoms are made of a synthetic material called polyisoprene. Many users note that it feels softer and thinner than latex, so that you retain more sensitivity than with standard condoms and you can feel like you’re closer to your partner during sex. You can use them with water-based or silicone-based lubes — just no oils, as these can break down the material.

Beyond just feeling better for many users, polyisoprene condoms are also a safe alternative to regular condoms for folks with a latex sensitivity. But even if you’re fine with latex, you may want to give Skyns a shot, especially if you’ve felt frustrated by a lack of sensation when using condoms previously — they might be exactly the upgrade you’re looking for.

Now that you’ve got the skinny on Skyn, here’s a ranked list of all the condoms in their current lineup.

6) Skyn Excitation Condoms

Length: 180 millimeters

Width: 53 millimeters

Thickness: 0.07 millimeters

What the Reviews Say: “These condoms bring a little sizzle and unexpected pleasure to sex. The studs create a unique sensation. Also the cooling effect is pleasurable for the both of you.” 

What We Say: It’s hard to declare definitively what the “worst” Skyn condom is, given that none of them have an Amazon rating lower than 4.6 out of five, and they’re all made of the polyisoprene material that their diehard fans are so psyched about. But textured condoms and condoms with cooling lube are notoriously controversial, with some users singing their praises and some saying they feel like sandpaper or IcyHot on your junk. Likewise, if you have a vagina, the cooling ingredients could throw off your pH or cause irritation, so it’s probably best to avoid them if you’re sensitive. 

If you’ve ever had the thought, “Condoms are too boring,” maybe these are for you. But if you see condoms as a practical reality of sex, something you’d rather forget about during the act than focus on, regular Skyns would be more your jam. After all, who wants to be upstaged by a condom?

5) Skyn Extra Studded Condoms

Length: 190 millimeters

Width: 53 millimeters

Thickness: 0.07 millimeters

What the Reviews Say: “Not for everyone, but the bumps are subtle enough to add a fun texture without clawing your insides out. Definitely use lube if you’re not a slick person.”

What We Say: These are very similar to the Excitations above, except without the cooling lube — so there’s no risk of making your partner feel like they’re getting fucked with an icicle. Still, it might be an unpleasant experience for folks who are sensitive to texture.

In theory, the raised dots on this average-sized condom will stimulate your partner’s vaginal or anal walls on each thrust. In reality, though, there’s a non-zero chance that they’ll just feel like they’re being scraped or poked. Unless you know your partner is up for adventure, it’s probably best to stick with a more standard model.

4) Skyn Elite Large Condoms

Length: 200 millimeters

Width: 56 millimeters

Thickness: 0.06 millimeters

What the Reviews Say: “They are larger than normal, but not that much. They should put out an extra large. As far as sensitivity goes, it may have been more, but not hugely noticeable.”

What We Say: Skyn’s Elite condoms are 15 percent thinner than their regular ones, and supposedly feel closer to wearing nothing at all. The trouble with these — and with Skyns in general, frankly — is that the size options are annoyingly limited. Folks with average-sized dicks don’t have a monopoly on wanting thinner, non-latex condoms.

This “large” version of the Skyn Elite really isn’t that much bigger than the original — the difference is about 10 millimeters in length and only three millimeters in width, which is practically nothing. It’s nice that Skyn offers different sizing options at all, sure, but they could definitely do better on this — the small- and large-cocked among you deserve it.

3) Skyn Original Condoms

Length: 190 millimeters

Width: 53 millimeters

Thickness: 0.07 millimeters

What the Reviews Say: “After learning I have a latex allergy, I’ve tried a few non-latex condoms and these are by far the best. I prefer them to anything else I’ve tried, latex or non-latex.” 

What We Say: It’s hard to find fault with the original Skyns — they’re the most basic condom in the entire lineup. They don’t have any nifty features; they’re just standard polyisoprene condoms. But a lot of people absolutely adore them.

If you’ve never tried a Skyn condom before, these are a good place to start. They have the thinness and softness that makes polyisoprene a standout condom material. Aside from a rubbery smell and a lack of sizing options, reviewers have few complaints about this classic condom. They’re one of the best picks if you’re average-sized and want a condom with above-average sensitivity.

2) Skyn Elite Extra Lube Condoms

Length: 190 millimeters

Width: 53 millimeters

Thickness: 0.07 millimeters

What the Reviews Say: “Allergic to latex so I depend on these alternative condoms. Love the extra lube and the more intimate feel of them versus latex. Very worth the price!”

What We Say: Most condoms come pre-lubed, usually with an amount so small that it’s kinda laughable. Keeping things slick down there is especially important when you’re using condoms, both because the material can create more uncomfortable friction than your bare skin would, and because an overly dry condom is more prone to breakage.

So, Skyn made a version of their ultra-thin Elite condoms that has 40 percent more lube than their other offerings, and it’s an awesome choice for people who struggle with vaginal dryness or just don’t want to pause the action mid-sex for a lube break. (You should still add more lube if you’re having anal sex, though, because nothing kills the mood quite like getting literally butthurt.) The slipperiness can make it slightly trickier to get this condom out of the package and onto your dick, especially in the heat of the moment, which is the only reason it didn’t quite earn a first-place ranking.

1) Skyn Elite Condoms

Length: 190 millimeters

Width: 53 millimeters

Thickness: 0.06 millimeters

What the Reviews Say: “I was using the regular Skyn non-latex condoms. If you have to use condoms, they were pretty good. Then I ordered a box of the Elites, and there is a pretty big difference. It’s the closest any brand has come to feeling like you aren’t wearing a condom.”

What We Say: The Elite condoms are the thinnest ones Skyn makes, and that thinness combined with the softness of polyisoprene gives these way better heat transfer and sensitivity than a standard latex condom.

Sizing is still an issue, and I hope Skyn decides to make more condoms for large and small penises, because it’s hard to focus on feeling good when you’re worried about a condom slipping off or stretching so far that it breaks. But as far as average-sized non-latex condoms go, these might be the best of the best. If you’re already a fan of Skyns but haven’t tried the Elite, you should rectify that, like, immediately.