Kid Rock Needs to Shut Up, But I’ll Never Turn Down the Volume on ‘Bawitdaba’

He may be a faker and a piece of shit, but I refuse to let him ruin what his music means to me

The Rise, Flop and Fall of the Comb-Over

Balding has been the constant scourge of man since the beginning of time, and for millennia, our best solution was the comb-over. This is the story of how its once-ubiquitous popularity thinned, receded and then got pushed to the side

What Are These Liberals Doing on Gab?

A small part of the #Resistance is trolling far-right social media, with meager results

We Used to Be a Proper Country, According to This Meme

Did you know that a 7-Eleven in 1973 was the height of Western civilization?