Crypto Bros Are Now on the Frontlines of a Full-Blown Mental Health Crisis

Financial crises can trigger serious mental health disorders and have been linked to surges in suicide attempts. But neither the crypto world nor our current health-care system is equipped to handle the fallout from this week’s crypto crash

We’re Not Talking to Gun Owners About Suicide the Right Way

A new study finds that gun-owning men who have suicidal behaviors are less likely to report thinking of suicide than those without a gun. It’s another example of how poorly we understand the intersection of mental health and firearms

How a Staunch Pro-Firearm State Found Hope in the Gun Suicide Crisis

In Utah, gun lobbyists, legislators and researchers worked together on a common goal: to cut down the rate of suicide by firearms. It’s an uncommon story that — even more strangely — seems to actually be working

Check In on Your Most Impulsive Friend

The warning signs for suicide aren’t exactly what you think