When the Suicide Crisis Hits Home

Reports project at least 75,000 deaths from suicide and drug overdose during the pandemic alone. My friend Dan was one of them. How do we grieve? How do we take action? How do we fight for our mental health?

They’re Lying to You About Capitalism and Mental Health

Trump says the faster we hustle back into the workplace, the more our national mood will improve. But everyone who struggles with mental health knows they've got little to no support to fall back on

Can Losing an Identical Twin to Suicide Doom the Survivor to the Same Fate?

Monozygotic twins share 100 percent of their DNA, but scientists are still unsure just how encoded suicidal tendencies might be in our genes

Saving Lives at the Edge of the Bridge of Death

The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico, has one the highest bridge suicide rates per capita in the country. But with few answers and even fewer resources, the town is hoping the burgeoning field of ‘emotional architecture’ can help prevent jumpers from taking their lives