My Night at the Metaverse’s Seediest Strip Clubs

There are no shows, no dancers, no bouncers and no cover. All there is are darkened rooms, mutant avatars and the vague promise of something raunchy

Strip Club Funny Money Is No Laughing Matter

Once touted as an easy way for strip club customers to ‘make it rain’ with credit card purchases, funny money has since become a way to keep dancers from earning what’s owed to them

Inside the U.K.’s War on Strip Clubs

Faced with the disappearance of their jobs and safety networks, strippers all over the U.K. are fighting a pitched ideological battle against anti-sex work activists who want strip clubs banned from the country completely

Please Welcome to the Stage… TikTok’s Male Strippers

Female dancers have historically dominated social media, but TikTok’s welcoming attitude toward male thottery has given guy dancers a chance to shine