The Clothing Industry Is Spending Millions to Crack the Code of Virtual Fitting

Will the future of fashion look like a full-body scanner, a Sims-style avatar or something far more futuristic?

What I’ve Kinda, Sorta Learned Moderating Reddit’s Safe Space for Shorties

‘The most heartbreaking thing has to be the people who come here looking for support only to find 5-foot-8 people crying about their size. I got news for them: 5-foot-8 isn’t short.’ 

YouTube Spider Hunters Are Pissed Because Their Spiders Aren’t Big Enough

In thumbnails, they’re seemingly the size of a small automobile. But upon further inspection, they’ve been purposefully enlarged for clicks.

What’s Up With All the Tall Guys Hanging Out Together?

Tall guys be congregating. Homophily — the attraction to others with traits we share — is a truly powerful force

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