Escape from New York: When Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor Took a 9/11 Road Trip

In the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks, the King of Pop and the two Oscar-winning actors piled into a rental car and drove across America. At least, that’s the urban legend that’s very much up for debate

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Mountain Dew Long Island Is a Tacky Triumph

Mountain Dew has always been the people’s beverage, but it’s rarely used as a chaser or drink mixer. Not so at BWW, where their exclusive Legendary Long Island is spiked with a delightfully gaudy — and surprisingly tasty — dose of Dew

My Night at the Horniest Dessert Bar in New York City

Ever wanted to eat a dick? And then a vagina? And then a boob? You’re in luck — Kinky’s has dessert versions of them all

Hero Named Zack Catches Subway Shooting Suspect, Confirms Bodegas Are Great

A sweet bodega guy ended the NYPD’s manhunt for them, so the bodega debate is officially settled