If You’re Grading Hotness With Decimal Points, You Have Brain Damage

The 10-point scale was bad enough. This is just lunacy.

Lana Del Rey’s Perfectly Ambiguous New Boyfriend Is Extremely On-Brand

After photos of Del Rey and her new boyfriend Jack Donoghue surfaced online, many complained that he looked too pedestrian, Midwestern or like a January 6th insurrectionist. But really, who did you expect?

Taika Waititi Is Just a Silly Little Guy

Rumblings of a backlash for the New Zealand director seem like a reach

‘OK Computer’ Is How We Felt About the Internet Before It Devoured Us

Fearful of information overload, Thom Yorke conceived a record about technology and alienation. Twenty-five years later, its paranoid pre-Y2K vision hasn’t become dated, even though we all now begrudgingly live online