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Calvin Kasulke

Calvin Kasulke is a writer, podcast producer and transsexual menace living in Brooklyn. Send tips, praise, and hexes to @cjkasulke.

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The Extraordinary Ordinariness of the Original ‘Pregnant Man’

It’s easy to miss the seahorse décor if you’re not looking. When I first enter the Beatie home in Phoenix, the seahorse statue on the…

Trans People Are Proudly Wearing Their Chest Binders as Stylish Outerwear

I declare a summertime détente: No longer shall I partake in the quirky-flamingo-or-pineapple-print-or-maybe-just-a-shitload-of-little-anchors short-sleeve button-down arms race. I can’t keep up. Until October rolls around,…

The Trans Men Who Get Abortions

In 2015, 23-year-old Rollie was living in Houston. He had a great job at a restaurant and a loving boyfriend, and he was finally starting…