With ‘An American Pickle,’ Seth Rogen Goes Full Softie

This deceptively goofy comedy is actually a heartfelt story about family, faith and grief. It’s not very good, but it’s emblematic of the former ‘Knocked Up’ star’s continuing evolution into an unapologetically sappy, sensitive grownup.

The Quiet Tragedy of Losing Communal Meals

For many communities, especially minority diasporas in America, the ability to share food is a critical connection to traditions and customs

The Workers Breaking Lockdown Rules for Survival, Not ‘Freedom’

Right-wing anti-quarantine rallies may suck up media attention. But these Americans, unable to feed their families, are staging their own, desperate protest — and revealing our country’s greatest failures

With ‘Tigertail,’ a First-Generation Filmmaker Honors His Immigrant Father’s Sacrifice

This Netflix drama from ‘Master of None’ co-creator Alan Yang might be a little stodgy, but its tone perfectly mirrors a main character who’s learned to keep his emotions at bay in pursuit of the American dream