The Arctic Explorer Who Freed Himself from an Avalanche with a Dagger Made from His Own Shit

Peter Freuchen lived the life of a hundred men — winning ‘The $64,000 Question,’ evading a Nazi death sentence and hobnobbing with movie stars. But none of it ever would have happened had he never fashioned that DIY ice poop pick

Did the Ancient Greeks Fuck This Plant Until It Went Extinct?

Silphium was edible and extremely tasty. It was also used for contraception and to treat a number of ailments. But was it too tasty and too good at preventing pregnancy to last?

An Exceedingly Historical Account of ‘Jumbo,’ LBJ’s Very Large Penis

He pulled it out so often that he pretty much reduced much of his presidency to a literal dick-measuring contest

A Winning Look at the Forgotten Championship Belts of Golf and Other Surprising Sports

Championship belts are typically most synonymous with wrestling, boxing and mixed-martial arts, but the in the 19th century, they were so ubiquitous that they were even handed out for winning speed-walking competitions