The Alternative to Learning Under the Gun

As school shootings continue unabated, more families are choosing homeschool instead. After all, homeschooled kids don’t just perform better — they also stay alive

25 Years Later, ‘Natural Born Killers’ Still Has Nothing to Teach Us About Violence

Back in 1994, Oliver Stone wanted to make a big, bold satire about serial killers, celebrity and the media. But in light of our recent deadly shootings, the film just feels hollower than ever.

The Bulletproof Backpack Is the New Duck-and-Cover

But are they and other similar security measures anything more than a cynical cash-in on the horrific reality of school shootings?

What Does Freedom of Speech on the Internet Mean in a Mass-Shooter World?

It used to be that ‘free speech is for the speech you hate, not the speech you like.’ But once again, the internet has changed everything.