The Far Right Thinks Feds Are ‘Grooming’ Mass Shooters

Rather than take responsibility for inspiring racist violence, 4chan anons blame the FBI

Truck-Driving Serial Killers and the Deadly Freeways They Hunt

It really is the recipe for the perfect crime — thousands of miles of open road, truckers who are never in one place for long and victims law enforcement views as disposable. It’s why such big-rig murderers have been able to hide — and drive — in plain sight for decades

I’m the Sedition Hunter Who Helped the FBI Track Down More Than 130 Insurrectionists

‘Admittedly, I was obsessed for a while. I’d sometimes spend 20 hours a day making profiles of the most violent offenders. But I really felt like the bottom was falling out of the country.’

How ‘MLK/FBI’ Chronicled an American Disgrace

Director Sam Pollard takes us inside his documentary about the FBI’s surveillance campaign against Martin Luther King Jr. — and the danger of putting heroes on pedestals