It’s a Nu-Metal Shorts Summer, Baby

Last summer was all about short shorts for men. This year, it’s all about whatever System of a Down was wearing in 1999. Are you down with the sickness?

‘Wake Up’ Defined the Arcade Fire Era, for Better or Worse

They were a signature indie-rock band of the 2000s, their most indelible song representing a defiant hope during the darkness of the Bush years. But by speaking to their age, the group ended up being pigeonholed by it

I’m the Perfumer Who Created the Scent You Love to Hate — Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce

It might be a punchline to some — a smell synonymous with food courts and malls across the country. But it’s also one of the most successful fragrances in cologne history

Move Over Stacy’s Mom, It’s Stacy’s Dad We’re After Now

Stacy’s Mom got all the attention, but for queer kids everywhere, it was secretly her dad they yearned for. And now, thanks to the band Sub Radio, they’re finally singing their own tune