The Bloody Rise of DIY Circumcision Videos on YouTube

A growing number of young men are attempting to circumcise themselves at home with the help of Google and YouTube. But the end result is usually a medical disaster, urologists warn

The Foreskin-Free Men Who Fight for Circumcised Freedom

Though intactivists have long argued that circumcised men were violated or mangled, a small band of anti-foreskin crusaders are on a mission to prove there’s nothing wrong with a cut cock. But are their tactics, well, intact?

The Doctor Who Performed Reverse Circumcisions to Help Jews Escape the Nazis

A historical tale of heroism, foreskins and coke-addled dogs

They Fell in Love. He Converted. What About the Circumcision?

For some adult male converts to Judaism, the biggest challenge isn’t the rabbinic tribunal, the hours of classes or even keeping kosher — it’s saying goodbye to their foreskin