Elmer Fudd Killed My Family Legacy — And Generations of Other Elmers, Too

I was to be an Elmer, a classic name in my family for many decades. But my grandfather — Claire Elmer Douglass — would never hear of it, all on account of the buffoonish rabbit hunter who could never outsmart his prey

‘Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe’ Is a Wholesome Tribute to the Kings of Teen Male Stupidity

Imbecilic but (mostly) harmless, Mike Judge’s creations have long epitomized adolescent boys’ horny, awkward phase. The new movie proves there’s still plenty to find funny about it

Every Disney Character That’s Way More Jacked Than Gaston

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ villain has long claimed — and sung — about how no one else is as big and bad as him. But he probably wouldn’t want to challenge these other Disney muscleheads to a pose off

No Matter the Iteration, We Will Always Be Horny for Velma

Despite the dumb, racist controversy over Mindy Kaling playing Velma in the eponymous new series, it’s not the color of her skin that matters — it’s the character that turns us on, and nothing can stop our devotion for our brainiac queen