The Prime Minister Who Disappeared

In 1967, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went for a swim in the ocean and never returned. While the official verdict was that he drowned, no body was ever recovered, leading to endless, enduring conspiracy theories

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Members of the show’s very tiny, very familial crew recount how Steve Irwin changed the nature documentary forever just by virtue of always being himself

The Real Crocodile Dundee Died in a Drug-Fueled Police Shootout

Rod Ansell was an outback-dwelling buffalo hunter who spent months living off the land after a crocodile-poaching trip went wrong, inspiring the famous Paul Hogan character. But unlike the movie, there would be no happily ever after

Did the Prime Minister of Australia Shit His Pants in a McDonald’s?

Rumor has it Scott Morrison turned the Golden Arches brown one drunken afternoon in 1997