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Why Re-Watching Ads from the 2008 Election Will Make You Want to Die, The History of ‘30 Minutes or Less’ and Young Bernie Energy

There really is nothing dumber than a Boomer trying to “act cool.” Er, let me try that again: There really is nothing dumber than a boomer politician trying to “act cool.” That’s actually the worst, and the 2020 primary season is setting up to be a doozy in the very bad, no good ad war between aged, out-of-touch politicians and their collective effort to appeal to the attention spans of the twenty- and thirtysomethings they so desperately need to win.

But as bad as the political memes and ads have been this time around, they’re nothing compared to another election cycle in our recent history: 2008. Trust me when I tell you, that shit was insane levels of cringe.

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