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ICYMI: MAGA Thirst Traps, A Gentleman’s Guide to IUDs and Cannabis’ Cash Problem

I’m so completely torn over thirst traps. I mean, they’re the fucking worst: How can people be that self-absorbed that they need to post a selfie in their car, at the gym, or in front of the mirror, and caption it, “Grandma died today. Feeling sad .” Tell me you don’t see some variation of that like, 3 times a day.

…and then again, I see you working. Some thirst traps, well, they accomplish exactly what they’ve set out to do: I’m looking, I’m intrigued as to why you’re in a bathing suit hiking in Zion National Park. I ain’t mad. You do you.

But as you’ll read below, some people are using thirst traps for political reasons — that, and everything else that’s worth a read today.

Must Read

“The World of MAGA Thirst Traps”
“Thirst trap” is a relatively new term describing the sexy photos people post on social media to get attention. And while thirst traps have traditionally been more-or-less agenda-free, young conservatives like Tomi Lahren, Kaitlin Bennett and Brenna Spencer have recently figured out that they make excellent propaganda for the 2nd Amendment — and the ensuing outrage cycle an opportunity for self-promotion. READ MORE

Aspirations for an Alpha Bite

If you work out every other muscle in your body — why not your face?

Men with weak chins are turning to a series of ball gag-looking products promising to burn fat, boost metabolism and give you a chiseled jawline. The fact that there’s no scientific evidence that they’ll see any results — and some serious concerns from the dental and oral medicine community — doesn’t seem to bother them.

Intrauterine Devices: Definitely Not Plugs

Can’t believe we have to say that, but here we are:

If you’re all like, “Okay, yeah, they aren’t plugs, I knew that. What are they tho?” don’t stress out, we’ve put together a gentleman’s (you) guide to IUDs.

Hell Hath No Fury

MEL contributor Bridget Phetasy has been asked a lot over the years about a “woman’s scorn.” Namely: what causes it, how to avoid it, and how to calm it. Well, there’s actually seven stages, according to Phetasy’s deep experience as a scorned woman, and they go a little like this.

The Cannabis Industry’s Green Problem

Ever wonder how the states collect taxes from weed dispensaries, an exclusively cash business? By being creeps, basically:

Learn how California is trying to legalize banks for the cannabis industry, and what that means for the state’s coffers and possibly more importantly, public safety, here.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

With new film Holmes and Watson set to reunite Hollywood funnyman Will Ferrell with one of his all-time best movie sidekicks, John C. Reilly, now is as good a time as ever to rank all of Ferrell’s comedy co-stars.