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The Best Places to Smoke Marijuana, According to Expert Stoners

We asked a bunch of weed lovers where they love to get high. What makes the ideal toke zone? (Hint: It’s wherever there are gummy bears)

Atmosphere is everything to stoners, which is why we have absolutely no problem packing up our paraphernalia and embarking on long journeys in search of the perfect spot for sparking up.

But why are some areas more bong-friendly than others? What are the best places to smoke weed? And what does the ideal smoke spot really look like? I rounded up a herd of stoners to see if we could come to an agreement.

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination

Sofi Kadoura, 2019 Budtender Awards finalist: The drive there matters. Who you’re with matters. Ultimately, privacy and the view matter if you’re talking about creating the perfect spot. For me, it’s down to the music playing on the drive west an hour before sunset. Then it’s the drive down the coastline until you find a good spot to park and walk down the cliffs a bit to a spot where you can sit. Then pulling out the few infused joints you and your fellow smoke buddy brought out to chief on while the conversation turns into deep banter about life. Watching the sun set and the waves crash into the cliffs while smoking a joint with someone you love makes the ultimate smoke spot.

It’s Where Gummy Bears Are

Tom DeTrinis, an actor who indulges: House in Palm Springs. At the pool. With friends. In a caftan. AND LOTS OF GUMMY BEARS TO EAT. Also, Robyn playing.

It’s Where You’re Comfy

Riley Travers, 2019 Budtender Awards winner: The perfect smoking spot is wherever you feel most comfortable, and where your smoking accessories and tools are easily accessible. For most people, this tends to be the classic couch at home or maybe a bed or a favorite chair with a table nearby to put all their smoking tools on. For me personally, I like to spend a lot of time appreciating the outdoors while consuming cannabis. My ideal smoking spot is somewhere with a view and a calm atmosphere to consume peacefully.

It’s Where You Feel Safe

Cruz Quinonez, blunt king: It’s a combo of things: 

  1. It needs to be quiet. 
  2. It needs to be a controlled safe space. 
  3. It needs to be distanced from people, especially during coronavirus
  4. It needs to have fresh air, if at all possible. 
  5. It needs to have somewhere to sit that isn’t your bed — smoking in bed is a different thing, which is fine, but a bed isn’t a “spot” any more than a couch is a living room.

If you like to stand and smoke — like I do when I smoke blunts — you still need somewhere to sit and roll or pack your blunts, and put down whatever you need, because stoners always have a ton of shit on them. Lighting is important, too — dark spots are bad spots and bad vibes. The biggest issues are comfort and control, though: You need to feel comfy and safe so you can feel better when you smoke. If you can control those elements because you’re in a place you have control over — your apartment, your yard, your parked car — you get into a different mindset.

It’s Where You Can Tune Out

Kimmy Gordan, current Budtender Awards nominee: The perfect smoke spot is where I feel safe to light up and let go of all that stress from life, where you’re with your favorite smoking buddy, just giggling over something silly. Music is playing in the background, overlooking the beach with dabs in a Puffco or a big ol’ doobie.

It’s Where the Cops Aren’t

Amanda Duarte, playwright and weed appreciator: The perfect smoke spot is the Manhattan Bridge footpath. You’re floating above the carotid artery of NYC. You’re everywhere and nowhere at once. The tourists are on the Brooklyn Bridge, so it’s peaceful and covered in insightful, puff-puff-pass-friendly graffiti. Best of all, it’s FAR AWAY FROM ANY FOOD SOURCE, which staves off my two most reviled enemies: The munchies and the cops.

It’s in the Bath

Sofiya Alexandra, co-host of the 420 Day Fiance podcast: For me, the ideal spot is outside, preferably on a roof or anywhere else with a view. It’s always nice to change the scenery outside of your head as you change the scenery inside of it. If it’s cold or dark, then it’s time to cozy up inside, hygge-style. A soft couch with a blanket and a pet, some low lighting, pillows, a TV with The Great British Bake Off, and you’re in a little love bubble. Spark it up and feel 2020 recede into the background for just a minute. If you’re still tense, run a bath and take a puff in there — that level of relaxation is unbeatable.

It’s Everywhere (Duh!)

Evan Williams, a dude who loves his bong: Anywhere with space.