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The Untimely Demise of a Big-Dicked Crustacean, ‘Mandholding’ and Navigating Romance in the Kitchen

The best of MEL from The Week that Was

Great news, people: We can finally put another April to bed, which means summer is right around the corner. Longer days! Hotter temperatures! Unfortunately, that heat can start to make people completely meltdown. Just keep an eye on Twitter this month if you don’t believe us.

But if Twitter isn’t your thing, not to worry — we’ve got plenty of great #content for you to check out instead. Such as…

What’s in This?: Mountain Dew

It’s green. It’s fizzy. It’s probably got water, sugar and some sort of vaguely citrus flavoring in it. But what else is in Mountain Dew? As it turns out, there are 13 total ingredients in the preferred soda of gamers and skateboarders everywhere. And we’re here to break them all down for you — even erythorbic acid. READ MORE HERE

The Animal Who Died Out Because Its Dick Was Too Big

Animals become extinct for all types of reasons: The dinosaurs, because of a world-killing asteroid. The dodo, because it was easy pickings for hungry sailors. Then there’s Colymbosathon ecplecticos, an ancient crustacean whose name means “astounding swimmer with a large penis.” Unfortunately, its oversized member proved to be fatal. READ MORE HERE

A Chronic Dieter’s Guide to Cheating

Dieting sucks for lots of reasons, but first and foremost, it’s because it’s boring as hell. That’s probably why people fail at it so often. But take it from a guy whose chronic dieting helped him lose 40 pounds in six months: It doesn’t have to be baked, skinless, boneless chicken breast and soggy broccoli all day, every day. You can mix in a stuffed-crust pizza or two as well. This, in fact, is how you do it. READ MORE HERE

Was the Sportswriter Who Invented Baseball’s ‘Save’ Stat Really That Dumb?

This summer will be the 10th anniversary of the death of one of baseball’s most celebrated sportswriters. MEL contributor Tim Grierson talked to senior ESPN baseball writer Keith Law, retired Chicago Tribune sports editor George Langford and others to get their perspectives on Jerome Holtzman, the man who gave us the controversial save stat. READ MORE HERE

The Stupid-Easy Guide to Emotional Labor

If a woman in your life has ever, as MEL staff writer Tracy Moore puts it, “run the administrative energy of your life in the background,” that’s called emotional labor. And it’s a job that men are terrible at. So, here’s a guide to emotional labor, aka “mandholding” — what it is, why it’s a problem, and why , if you’re a halfway decent dude who wants to be good , you should try to correct it. READ MORE HERE

‘Who Runs Four Pins?’

Four Pins was a men’s fashion blog that closed its digital doors at the beginning of 2016. Normally, this fact would’ve faded into oblivion. But 18 months later, someone is still tweeting from its verified Twitter account, and that account’s following had grown by about 500 percent over the same time period. So who’s running @Four_Pins? And more importantly, why? READ MORE HERE

Why So Many Legendary Black Rappers Die from Preventable Causes

Phife Dawg died at 45 from complications from diabetes. Ol’ Dirty Bastard at age 36 from a drug-induced heart attack. And sadly, the list goes on. But why can’t so many young, successful emcees make it past 50? MEL contributor Zaron Burnett attributes it to something called John Henryism. READ MORE HERE

The Growing Case Against the So-Called ‘Gay Panic’ Defense

The so-called “gay panic defense” is allowed in the courtrooms of all but two states: California and Illinois. But a recent murder trial in Texas — where James Miller, 69, received just 10 months probation for the “negligent homicide” of Daniel Spencer, 32, after Spencer allegedly threatened him for rejecting a kiss — has renewed calls for its abolition. And this time, victory may be within grasp. READ MORE HERE

A Gentleman’s Guide to Cooking for A Date

When it comes to cooking for your date, there are rules. Like, know your limits. That is, don’t go all Jacques Pépin and try to whip up a beurre blanc. What’s most important is sentiment and execution. With that in mind, here’s a handy guide to the right way to make a romantic meal for your date. READ MORE HERE

The Psychology of Every Different Type of Sex

Sex, like dick pics, can come in various forms: There’s make-up sex; breakup sex; drunk sex; stoned sex; affair sex; sad sex; and angry sex at the very least. While there’s little scientific evidence to support the theory that these are technically different types of intercourse, anecdotally, people would argue they are different. So what’s really going on with all these different types of boning? READ MORE HERE