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The Life of a Literal Assman, How Jingles About Poop Get Written and the New Generation of Couples Not Weirded Out by Location Sharing

Look, I’ve got nothing to hide. I’m not a serial killer, I don’t dress up as a bat at night to fight crime and I haven’t the wherewithal to keep a mistress. But that doesn’t mean I’m turning on 24/7 location-sharing for my partner, like some couples these days are seemingly a-ok about doing.

Sorry, but imho, that’s a bridge too far — like swabbing my cheeks for a National DNA Registry, or letting Facebook watch me sleep. For a few reasons: It’s creepy, I like my independence, and most importantly, I’d prefer to keep my late-night runs to get frozen yogurt to myself, okay?

Can someone just invent a phone that only makes calls and sends texts, has no built-in GPS, and hey, while they’re at it, flips open? That type of un-trackable future is going to be priceless.

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Jingle All the Way

Imagine, for a second, you’re a creative at one of the top ad agencies in all the land. Pretty cushy, right? Now imagine that your client wants you to come up with a catchy jingle for their new 15-second spot. Now imagine that the jingle is for — you guessed it — ass medicine. That’s basically what happened to Ian Jeffries, and how we got this little ditty:

Here’s why the art of writing a catchy jingle about poop is about more than finding a good rhyme for diarrhea.

White Isn’t Right

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Think Before You Eat

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I’ll Be Watching You

To some, indefinitely sharing your location with a significant other may seem like a breach of privacy, or a lack of inherent trust. But if you ask around, phone-tracking appears to have some fans, particularly among younger couples who’ve grown up on iPhones and other devices with location data built in. So is location tracking the new secret handshake? And should the rest of us get on board? Quinn Myers spoke to a number of GPS-tracking couples to find out what the hoopla is all about.

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And Now, the (Naked) News

When the history of humanity is written, 1999 will be remembered for two things: Y2K, and a lot of people itching to strip naked and read the news.

No joke, we reached peak naked news that year. Apparently, there was something about the dawning of a new millennium that made people want to strip off their clothes. It didn’t come out of nowhere, though — while doing the news naked dates back to the 1970s, it was the fall of communism that helped it reach its full potential.