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Sunday Reads: The Material Necessities of Adulthood, Sex Trafficking Ouroboros and the Average Life of Thomas Beatie, the Original Pregnant Man

I generally consider myself pretty “together.” I contribute to my 401k, don’t have any Craigslist roommates and all the art on my walls has a frame. But here comes Quinn Myers, uprooting my entire sense of self with his article about how having a headboard makes you a real adult. I thought a frame was enough! And oh, Miles Klee just strolled in to inform me that I’m a complete freaking buffoon for not having a cast-iron skillet. Like, sorry I didn’t inherit some greasy-ass 100-year-old seasoned pan from my grandmother on her deathbed.  

Whatever, it’s fine, at least I don’t make wake-and-bake YouTube videos

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