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Sunday Reads: Just Super Bowl Things, All of Our Coverage from Sundance and Lots and Lots of Bernie Memes

I’m gonna make this short since I know you probably just want to scan this whole thing as quickly as possible in order to get to what you really care about this first Sunday of February: Football. Yes, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, which is evidently a thing that people really seem to care about, and not just the people whose birthdays are today

So go, go get drunk in a parking lot, go eat too many chicken wings (preferably dipped in ranch), go scream at the referee, go stress out over who’s winning and who’s losing. See if I care.

Must Read

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The Super Bowl Beat

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From the Service Department 

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What Would Happen if You Were Filled With Unpopped Popcorn When You Got Cremated?

Why Are CT Scans and Other Medical Imaging So Fucking Expensive?

The Football Long Read

Marshawn Lynch Is Fighting for the Soul of Oakland, California

The Non-Super-Bowl Culture Stuff

Podcast Dudes Wish They Had What Young Bernie Sanders Had

Adam Brody Is Hollywood’s Nicest ‘Scumbro’

Hallmark Cards Can Burn in Hell

Tell All Your Tiny-Dicked Bros: The Hummer Is Back

This Bernie Meme Takes Away the Shame of Asking for Financial Support

Tweet of the Week

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…