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Living that Uber Copter ‘Succession’ Life, A History of Hard Shell Tacos and the Guys Carrying Around Pockets of Sand for Self-Defense

Not gonna lie, commuting via helicopter — like the one Uber is hawking in New York — is a disgusting display of wealth, but damn if it wouldn’t be a sweet way around town. That’s the problem with these things: Yeah, you know it’s bad and it’s wrong and makes you look like an asshole, but then again… getting from downtown L.A. to the beach in five minutes would be kinda fresh.

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“An Oral History of Hard Shell Tacos”
When you think crunchy, salty, breaks-in-your-hand tacos, it’s hard (lol) not to think of Taco Bell, quite possibly the most famous and ubiquitous purveyors of the hard-shell taco. But if Taco Bell is the Facebook of hard shells, then Mitla Cafe, in San Bernardino, California, is the Winklevoss twins. That’s just one of the amazing stories in this oral history of the hard shell, where preeminent taco scholar Gustavo Arellano, food historian Jeffrey Pilcher and Mitla Cafe co-owner Michael Montaño have many, many more about this love-it-or-hate-it “Mexican” food. READ MORE

Uber Copter, Uber Uber Uber Copter

What can a $230 ride in one of Manhattan’s Uber Copters teach you about living life like a member of the Roy family on Succession? A lot, actually. We forced Joe Longo to take a ride high above the bustling peons of the Big Apple, and besides learning there would be far less free gum like you might find in an Uber X, he also learned that it’s not exactly the expensive waste of time you’d think it would be.

The Great Wrestling Action Figure Score

Sure, finding King Tut’s tomb back in 1922 was cool and all, but if you want an even better story about discovering an embarrassment of riches, you need to check out this piece by David Bixenspan, about a dude who upended the fanatical and unpredictable market for wrestling action figures when he happened upon a warehouse full of previously scarce and pricey lucha libre figurines from 1994.

Food on the Table

In theory, it should be easier than ever for Americans to put meals on their tables every day. After all, the average family only spends 10.5 percent of their income on food, compared to 50 percent in 1900. But despite all that progress, one in six Americans report running out of food once a year or more. And according to the projections, it’s only going to get worse. Here’s why.

A Film Critic On… ‘Gemini Man’

On what it is: “The movie stars Will Smith as Henry Brogan, a retiring government assassin who runs afoul of nefarious clandestine forces, forcing him to go on the run. Alarmingly, Brogan is being chased by an elite hitman half his age — even more upsetting, the hitman is his clone.”

On why, if you read between the lines, this film might hit close to home: “Eventually, we’ll all get too old, weak, sick or complacent, and we’ll be sent out to pasture, replaced by someone younger, fresher and hungrier.”

On Smith being a corny old dude who occasionally acts: “It’s been years since Smith has really challenged himself on screen; honestly, he seems more comfortable coasting.”

On why that may be Smith’s tongue-in-cheek reason he took the role:Gemini Man’s mano-a-mano battle has some real pathos: It feels like Smith’s cool former self coming back to haunt the soft middle-aged guy he’s become.”

Read more of Tim Grierson’s review of Gemini Man, here — as well as the reasons Smith will never stop apologizing for passing on The Matrix; everything you need to know about director Ang Lee’s use of “high-frame-rate” technology; and Grierson’s take on the best obscure Fresh Prince music video, “A Nightmare on My Street.”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Huff Sharpies

You ever huff a Sharpie? Sure you have. God knows that short-lived high was the best many of us could do when we were young and dumb. But have you ever thought about what those fumes were doing to your little brain? This guy probably knows:

But seriously, folks, the answer is nothing good. In fact, considering how mild and lame a Sharpie-induced high tends to be, the negatives are potentially quite serious.

Time is a Battery Icon

Man, we are so addicted to our phones. This is not news! What is news, however, is that our phone addiction has gotten so bad, it’s now affecting how we perceive space and tim — oops, gotta go charge my phone, brb.

Pockets Full o’ Sand

Laugh now, but it’s not just King of the Hill’s Dale Gribble who believes that “pocket sand” is the ultimate repellent against physical attack.

What started as a harmless joke about one of the show’s seminal gags has now seemingly morphed into an actual defense strategy for a large number of dudes.

This is Bear Territory