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Life as a Shirtless Beefcake on ‘Baywatch,’ An Ode to Sand and the Incels Catfishing Women with Images of Chads

It’s Day 2 of our Gigantic Summer Package (it is quite large), and you’re in for some treats today, like our interview with former Baywatch adonis David Chokachi, in which he discusses living the high life on the syndicated smash and the lows he encountered afterwards. Oh man, the 90s were a simpler time.

But, sadly, today also happens to be what would have been Anthony Bourdain’s 63rd birthday. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that, last year, Miles Klee wrote about how Bourdain’s contradictions, not his successes, are what gave him his aspirational appeal. R.I.P., king.

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“I Was the ‘Baywatch’ Beefcake Who Got to Make out with Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra”
David Hasselhof might have been Baywatch’s biggest male star, but if we’re talking about who had the most fun, let’s not forget about David Chokachi. That’s because it was Chokachi, as goofy heartthrob Cody, who got to suck face with not one but two of the 1990’s sexiest leading ladies in Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra. Chokachi thought the show was “crap” before he auditioned, but becoming Cody transformed his life — even though he’d have to convince the world he wasn’t a beautiful dumbass. READ MORE

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Sand: It’s What Dreams Are Made Of

Miles Klee loves sand — like, really loves the stuff — and he doesn’t care who knows it. If you woke up this morning and never once imagined you’d read a touching ode to the beach’s most divisive substrate, I’ve got news for you: It’s here, it’s surface-of-the-sun level hot, and frankly, it was a take so dumb on paper we almost didn’t let him write it.

My Eyes, My Eyes!

When it comes to sunglasses, you get what you pay for, right? Meaning, those $3 throwaways you got on Venice Beach couldn’t possibly provide the same sun protection as a pair of $300 Persols. After shelling out that kind of cash, you might very much hope that’s true — but in reality, it could be the opposite.

So Jelly

You ever, like, go to the beach and see a washed-up jellyfish and think, like, “Whoa, bro, what’s that thing made of?” and stuff? Well, bro, wonder no longer:

Somehow, some way, a floating garbage bag-looking invertebrate that hunts, kills and stings like a motherfucker has no brain, only three basic body parts and is made up of 95 percent water. Go figure.

Phone Stay Home

Yesterday, we wrote about how if you want to vacation the right way (and not end up looking like a tool who says dumb shit like “I need a vacation from my vacation”), you should do absolutely nothing for at least one day. Today, we’re adding that, if you do end up doing something and especially when you don’t, true relaxation means never letting your phone leave your hotel room.

Flying the Red Eye

Conventional wisdom suggests that one of the best ways to beat the crippling effects of jet lag is to take a red eye, the idea being that you’ll sleep a little on the flight, waking up at whatever time it is at your destination refreshed enough to not need an immediate nap, but tired enough to go to sleep at whatever the local bedtime is. But does that theory check out? Joel Randell investigates.

Tan Lines, Begone!

Coming home from vacation with tan lines from a tank top or your $3 sunglasses is one of life’s cruel jokes, and getting rid of them is no simple task. But instead of running to the spray tan salon, or hoping for a few months (or years) indoors to smooth them away, there are several DIY tricks that’ll get rid of your chiaroscuro look in no time.

Oh, Look, Creeps on the Internet

You’ve Heard of Catfishing — Now There’s ‘Chadfishing’

Ladies, take care. If you match on a dating app with an immaculately stubbled, square-jawed guy who sounds weirdly antagonistic despite your light, flirtatious tone, it could be just another fuccboi. Or it could be something far creepier: An incel running a “chadfish” experiment. But while these angry young men who catfishwomen using photos of classically handsome “chads” may think they’re proving that sex is a zero-sum game, all they’re really doing is deepening their own inescapable misery

The End of the Sugar Daddy Scam

Back in April, Zaron Burnett III examined the curious case of TheSugarDad1, a mysterious social media presence known for free-money giveaways ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars. Despite Burnett uncovering evidence pointing to the giveaways being fake, both TheSugarDad1 and his “followers” maintained the generosity was real. But today, thanks to a $1 Twitch donation and a very mad YouTuber, there is no longer any doubt: TheSugarDad1 was nothing more than an online scam artist.