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The Overnight Come-Up of the ‘Landslide’ Sex Position

After a brief mention on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ everyone’s scrambling to figure out how this ‘rather challenging’ sex position works

On a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield’s ears perk up big-time when she hears her daughter mention something about a “landslide” while recording an episode of her podcast, Kiss and Tell. But, it wasn’t the natural disaster or the Fleetwood Mac song her daughter was referring to — it was a sex position. Almost immediately, half the internet took to Google try to figure out what she was talking about and whether it was worth trying. 

According to Kinkly, the landslide is a “rather challenging position” that requires the one being penetrated to lay on their stomach with their legs just slightly apart. The penetrator then sits between their legs, facing the same direction as them, with their legs propped up on each side of them. They then insert themselves into their reclined partner, and the two can rock — or “slide” — back and forth. This, it seems, is the only explanation for the position being called the landslide. 

The reason this is challenging is mainly because it requires the penis to be entered at an odd angle. Depending on the build of both parties, it might need to “bend” lower than usual. Because of that, it might also have a tendency to slip back out of the partner, and thus, a somewhat longer dick or dildo might be in order. Still, various online sex guides say that the position is ideal for hitting the female G-spot, or at very least just providing a good deal of stimulation. It’s also an appropriate position for couples where the person on the receiving end enjoys just laying there and doing nothing. 

Despite the mention on RHOA and various descriptions online, there’s very little info out there from anyone who has actually tried it. Though Reddit is home to nearly every unusual sex thing out there, no one has yet written up their experiences with it. But maybe with that recent reality TV/Bravolebrity shoutout, all that will soon change. 

You could call its quick rise in popularity a… landslide.