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The Perfect Cocktails to Make with LaCroix

Take your seltzer game up a notch this summer

As someone whose alcohol consumption rarely deviates from the occasional old fashioned, my liquor cabinet is a little wanting. Thanks to various party leftovers and the year several people gifted me bourbon for some reason, I have a couple bottles of whiskey, half a bottle of vodka, one bottle of gin and a couple ounces of tequila. To be sure, I’m not above drinking any of this booze, I just don’t usually have anything to mix it with. 

In fact, the only regularly stocked item in my fridge that could aid in transforming all that alcohol into something I could actually drink is LaCroix. But does the lightly flavored seltzer work as a cocktail mixer? According to Victor Chaponot, a mixologist at Figarot Bistro in L.A., it’s “kind of the perfect mixer, especially for summer cocktails.” 

LaCroix is really good for any type of cocktail, and what makes it a good mixer is that it has zero calories and adds a kick of flavor while still being able to keep up with that summer bod,” Chaponot explains. “Once you know what flavors go well together, you’ll unlock the perfect topper to any summer drink.” 

To that end, Chaponot offers a variety of cocktails centered around your fizzy water flavor of choice. Such as…

Pamplemousse Été Cocktail

“LaCroix’s ‘pamplemousse’ is just French for ‘grapefruit,’ but I suppose it’s more romantic that way,” he begins. “Elderflower and grapefruit marry together really well for that summertime feel, and vodka is the most neutral flavor, especially if you’re mixing and mashing it with a fruit.” 

Chaponot’s pamplemousse LaCroix-based cocktail contains one ounce elderflower, one ounce vodka (or mezcal) and one ounce grapefruit juice, all topped with pamplemousse LaCroix. “Grapefruit and mezcal are a great combination, too,” he adds. “But I understand that mezcal is a spirit that a lot of people aren’t used to.”

Pamplemousse Paloma

Speaking of mezcal and grapefruit soda, Megan Coyle, a 20-year bartending veteran with The Gallavant Group, offers her “incredibly easy take on the classic paloma.” 

Rim a double rocks glass with Tajin, then fill it with ice, “preferably pebble or crushed,” she says. Add two ounces of mezcal, and three ounces of grapefruit fizzy water, and give it a quick stir to combine. “This drink is one of the most straight up refreshing things you will try this summer,” Coyle adds. “And the Tajin rim will take you where we all want to be, cocktail-wise.” 

LaCroix Aperol Spritz

For a “really easy take on the Aperol Spritz,” which is typically made with Prosecco, Chaponot says you can “just trade out the extra calories for a splash of orange-flavored LaCroix.” Add four ounces of aperol to “as much orange LaCroix as you prefer,” and the flavored bubbly water will “really bring out the flavors of aperol and brighten it into a light, summer drink.” 

Orange A

In the same vein, orange-flavored LaCroix is also great with Campari because “they have very complimentary flavors,” Chaponot says. So top one ounce of Campari and one ounce of sweet vermouth with orange LaCroix, and you’ve got yourself a fizzy water take “on the ‘Americano’ cocktail — kind of like a light negroni.” 

Megan’s Shift Drink

For Coyle, carbonated water was often a go-to ingredient for a simple end-of-shift drink she could kick back with. Particularly in the summer, she offers her recipe for “Megan’s Shift Drink,” which she describes as being “elegant in its simplicity” and made by combining one and a half ounces of Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, three ounces of soda or mineral water and a few dashes of Angostura bitters. 

“The complex botanicals, most of which are sourced from the Indian subcontinent, give Jaisalmer a deeper level of complexity than your standard British gins,” she explains. “I like Topo Chico Lime Twist for this, but really, any lightly flavored (or unflavored) fizzy water will do. Feel free to garnish with a lime wedge or citrus twist, but I usually just take it as is.” 

Spicy Hibiscus Margarita

“Hibiscus LaCroix is floral, sweet and has a hint of cranberry,” Chaponot explains. “We love enhancing hibiscus flavors with spicy ingredients such as jalapeño, serrano and other chilis.” 

For a spicy hibiscus margarita made with LaCroix, take two ounces of serrano or jalapeño tequila, one ounce triple sec, one ounce fresh lime juice and top it all off with hibiscus LaCroix. “Hibiscus would also go very well with flavors like cucumber and the myriad of elements in a floral gin,” he says. “So don’t be afraid to play around with flavors.”

Coconut Piña Colada

“The piña colada is a perennial favorite, but who has time for all the juicing and blending involved?” says Coyle. “Not to mention, all that sugar can be so heavy on a stiflingly hot day.” Instead, toss one and a half ounces of Bellagave Coconut Infused Tequila with two and a half ounces of pineapple sparkling water in a large wine glass over ice. “I prefer a pineapple Spindrift, since they use real fruit, which mixes well with the creamy coconut flavor in coconut Bellagave,” she continues. “Garnish with a fragrant sprig of mint, and all’s right with the world.” 

Coyle’s workstation with her coconut pińa colada panda glass.

Kiwi Cucumber Fizz

Kiwi and cucumber is another “flavor combo that’s a match made in heaven,” Chaponot says. “For a summer fizz, combine one ounce lime juice with two ounces of the very neutral and unassuming cucumber vodka, then top with kiwi LaCroix and garnish with pepper.”