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The Myth of the Conservative Soldier, the Men Who Breast-Feed Their Babies and Mac’s Weird Body Issues on ‘It’s Always Sunny’

I just can’t wrap my mind around dudes nursing babies. I get that, as you’ll read in this piece, there’s a perfectly normal reason why a man would let a baby latch onto his nipple and commence sucking. But there’s gotta be an alternative that won’t raise nearly the number of eyebrows.

I mean, isn’t that what pacifiers are for? I dunno, you read it and tell me what you think in the comments.

Here’s everything else that was great on MEL today…

Must Read

The Military Men of Twitter Who Are Defying Soldier Stereotypes
It’s a useful stereotype for the right that veterans and active duty soldiers are, in the public’s eye, all Republicans. But that isn’t really the case. Just look at social media: A number of funny, incisive and critical service members and vets on Twitter are using the platform to speak out against divisive politics, public officials who exploit veterans’ causes, sexism in the military and myriad other social issues. And in doing so, they’re pushing back against the stereotype of the conservative military man. READ MORE

Froot(?) Loops

A bowlful of Froot Loops helps the butylated hydroxytoluene go down. That’s just one of the questionable ingredients in every toucan’s favorite breakfast cereal:

You didn’t really think there was actually, you know, fruit in Froot Loops, did you? Here’s what all those ingredients in Froot Loops are for, and what they’re doing to your body.

A Critic On… Jim Carrey’s ‘Kidding’

On what it is:Kidding stars Carrey as Jeff Pickles, the beloved host of the PBS kids’ program, Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time. Jeff’s personal life is beset with tragedies. His wife (Judy Greer) is leaving him and sleeping with some new guy (Justin Kirk). And one of his twin sons, Phil, recently died in a car crash — while the other son, Will (Cole Allen), thinks he’s a cuck.”

On Carrey’s B+/A- acting: “Kidding isn’t Carrey’s best work, but it captures something about him that’s unique among actors and certainly comedians: He’s superb at rooting around in his characters’ despair, unearthing the desperation, misery and insanity within them.”

On Mr. Pickles’ geek-in-the-streets, freak-in-the-sheets persona: “Jeff doesn’t like curse words, but he’s cool with random hookups.”

On the dichotomy between playing a beloved children’s TV show host while also being broken by his personal failings: “Mr. Pickles is a loving, friendly presence, and what’s thus far interesting about Kidding is where the persona and the real man intersect.”

On Carrey’s less-than-ideal previous work as “man with political opinions”: “There’s nothing more depressing and awkward than worthy political commentary completely ruined by its heavy-handed execution.”

Read the rest of Tim Grierson’s take on Kidding — including why the show might be Judy Greer’s best work, a brief primer on the Moro reflex and Carrey’s incredibly dumb anti-NRA music video — here.

Men Who Nurse

What, you thought only women with breasts and working milk glands could nurse a baby? Nay. Men can, and occasionally do, nurse, and for a surprisingly normal and worthwhile reason. And yet, dudes letting a baby suckle their nipple freaks people out, and you’ll never guess why (of course you will).

Mac Gets Ripped

Miles Klee finally gets the opportunity to take on his favorite TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the series’ surprisingly agile drift from “Seinfeld on crack” to nuanced-yet-still-hilarious take on modern masculinity and our fucked up relationship with it. Exhibit A: Mac’s (Rob McElhenney) weird body issues.

Lab-Grown Meat And You

You love the idea of eating lab-grown meat. I know this because a recent study says so. But when are you going to get a chance to order some at a restaurant, particularly a fast-food restaurant? NOT FOR A LONG FUCKING TIME, BUCKO. Do you have $2,500 lying around? Because that’s how much a pound of this shit is. You thought beef tenderloin was expensive? And that’s just one of the reasons why you’ll never see lab-grown meat on your plate in your lifetime.

Down With the Sickness

So you’re sick. Not with the flu or “food poisoning” (looking at you, Bob), but with a serious, chronic illness. What happens to your job? Well, there are laws that protect you… but only for so long.

The Most Millennial Thing, Ever

Your grandpa who died face-down in the muck on the battlefields of France is rolling over in his grave. That’s because some companies are now offering paid leave for when you bring home a new pet. A pet. Not a baby. A pet. Even me, millennial man who enjoys his in-house barista and free massages, thinks that’s a bridge too far.