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ICYMI: The History of All-Caps Yelling, What It’s like to Kill in Self-Defense and Dick…

ICYMI: The History of All-Caps Yelling, What It’s like to Kill in Self-Defense and Dick Helicoptering


Typed words just have a bit more oomph when they’re in all-caps, right? Plus, caps are hard to read, so it’s like an extra bit of trolling. So if I’m being honest, I need more all-caps in my life.

Try this on for size then: HERE’S OUR BEST STUFF FROM TODAY. ENJOY!

Must Read

“Everything That Came Before All-Caps Internet Yelling”
Donald Trump’s unhinged, nearly all-caps Twitter threat to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday night prompted relentless memes and jokes. It also made us wonder: How did all-caps typing come to be interpreted as yelling, anyway? And how do specific text-based choices signal meaning beyond the words? READ MORE

Happiness Isn’t a Warm Gun

Apologies, Second Amendment zealots — being the “good guy with a gun” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. In fact, judging by the Reddit thread Miles Klee found filled with personal accounts of killing in self-defense, being the good guy with a gun is likely to leave a person haunted and traumatized for years.

Love & Money

What do you get when you combine couples counseling and financial planning? Couples financial counseling! You know, just in case you needed another bill to argue over.

Never Say Never

The “never give up” adage is the cornerstone of our culture. But when it comes to the toxic people in our lives — yes, even family — there’s absolutely a point when giving up is the smart thing to do.

Sex ’N’ Headaches

Not sure what’s wilder: The fact that sex — as if it couldn’t get cooler! — relieves fucking cluster headaches, or that people are having sex while suffering from one.

Fly Away

This week on 60 Seconds of British Dick, we’re tackling every dude’s favorite parlor trick, dick helicoptering. In case you’ve forgotten what dick helicoptering is, allow Mr. Jason Segel to demonstrate:

But while funny, is dick helicoptering bad for our sexual health? Let’s find out!