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ICYMI: Men Who Can’t Cum, Summer Explained in 100 Words and Heatwear

Not sure if you noticed, but this week has been one bit of bad news after another. And it’s not even over — it’s only Wednesday! Just today we learned that California’s SB 822, a bill that was set to become the “gold standard” for net neutrality protection across the U.S., was absolutely gutted by state assemblyman and DINO Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles). Guess it was the 43 grand he got from AT&T that made it so easy for him to kill one of the best chances for a free and open internet.

Between Trump and his child-internment camps, and the death of the web as we know it, there’s really no excuse for sitting on hands. Do what you can.

But back to the men who can’t cum…

Must Read

“The Men Who Can’t Cum”
We’ve all heard stories of (or frankly, been) men who cum too quickly. But an equally sinister but far less spoken about affliction is taking too long time to cum — or the inability to cum at all. Merritt k spoke to a number of men who have a hard time getting off , and their reasons are as varied as they are complicated. READ MORE

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Summer in Exactly 100 Words

Yes, the sun makes you happy. A hot drink will, in fact, cool you down. Cold showers are cool, but lukewarm showers are cooler. We’re not entirely sure why humans love the beach so much, but it might be because we associate open space, blue seas, wave sounds and salty smells with being relaxed. Brain freezes are just severe short-term headaches. Sunburns are burns — just from radiation, not heat. It’s not the mosquito’s bite that causes itching, it’s their — SLUUURP — anticoagulant saliva. Wasps love buzzing ‘round barbeques because there’s so much movement. DO NOT stare at the sun, unless you want solar retinopathy.

Get the rest of the answers to your most pressing summer questions here.

Speaking of the Sun…

…here’s what a Death Valley park ranger, a volcanologist and others who sweat balls on a daily basis say you should wear to to avoid melting into a puddle this summer..

Disgusting Fact of the Day

Today, C. Brian Smith wrote about poop transplants — er, fecal microbiota transplantation — and how we’ve arrived at putting other people’s shit in our bodies in the name of healthy gut biomes. Buried in that highly revolting yet equally fascinating piece is this little, ahem, nugget:

Not sure which is worse: Yellow soup or golden syrup. Hard pass.

We’ve Got Dicks Here

In today’s edition of 60 Seconds of British Dick, we finding out whether or not it’s possible to get addicted to Viagra. The short answer is: Kind of!

We’re not 100 percent recommending the blue pill.