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ICYMI: ‘Leisure Suit Larry,’ Polished Anus Syndrome and the Pros and Cons of Sucking in Your Gut

Ahh, Leisure Suit Larry. I still remember sneaking upstairs at my aunt and uncle’s with my brother and my two cousins, inserting the game’s floppy disk into an Apple II and watching short, balding Larry Laffer unleash his proto-PUA charm on unsuspecting women. It was hot.

While that game holds a special place in my heart, I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about how it even got made. For example, did you know that Larry was pirated at such a high clip that hackers used ripped versions as a malware delivery device? Crazy.

Here’s that story and much more, in case you missed it.

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“An Oral History of ‘Leisure Suit Larry’’
Arguably the first “adult” video game — one that trafficked in graphic cartoon violence and sexual innuendo — Leisure Suit Larry remains one of the few dating simulations to ever crack into the American mainstream. Contributor Joe Veix breaks down how the game went from a soft-porn “flop” that only sold 4,000 copies to one of the most popular adventure series of the 1990s. READ MORE

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“You’re Wiping Your Butt All Wrong and Probably Injuring Yourself”
You’d think that sometime after age 10, you’d have mastered the art of wiping your own ass. WRONG. No, the inflamed assholes showing up in dermatologists’ offices with increasing regularity aren’t normal — they’re suffering from “polished anus syndrome,” or PAS. If that sounds like something you’d prefer not to explain to your significant other, here’s how to avoid it. READ MORE

3 Things We Learned About… ‘Incredibles 2’

It’s Monday, which means Tim Grierson, our resident film critic, is back with analysis of whatever movie you’re debating whether or not to see. This week, allow him to illuminate your thinking on Pixar’s latest goldmine:

  1. Mr. Incredible is a bad dad. Who’s got two thumbs and hates that his wife is off fighting crime while he has to stay home and take care of the kids? Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible. Not exactly a modern take on parenting.
  2. The film might trigger your epilepsy. The bad guy, Screenslaver, has a less-than-unique brainwashing technique: A strobe. There’s no warning prior to the start of the film, so if you get affected by that sort of thing, maybe skip this one.
  3. The movie’s corporate sponsorships are next level. If you’re seeing Incredibles in everything from your organic milk to your favorite online realtor, you’re not seeing things. Incredibles 2 has so many sponsors (proudly listed on its website) even the Transformers franchise thinks they’re overdoing it.

Quote of the Day

Last month, Ross Douthat opined the theory that as sex work and sex, uh, robots become more mainstream, progressives should naturally be prepared for sex itself to be treated like a commodity to be bought, sold and redistributed. That’s just life, baby. Zaron Burnett, however, isn’t having that shit. He sees the forest for the trees:

Unfortunately, Douthat isn’t the only man to think that sex is something owed. Burnett nails the rest here.

Too Long, Didn’t Read

Sucking in your gut: Dad-bod life hack, or disastrous for your health? Here’s what the experts say.