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ICYMI: Calling a Fascist a Fascist, Monster Hunting and Being Funny in a #MeToo World

Happy birthday, Mr. President! We know you didn’t get exactly what you were hoping for this morning from the Inspector General, but I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to spin that turd into solid gold.

If you are feeling a little down today, pour yourself a glass of liberal tears and cozy up with today’s edition of ICYMI — our Must Read of the Day is sure to get the juices flowing.

Must Read

‘We Can Probably Go Ahead and Start Calling Fascists Fascists Now’
If it walks like a fascist, and tweets like a fascist, it must be a fascist, okay? That’s Miles Klee’s take on Congressman (and definite fascist) Steve King’s latest decision to retweet a prominent neo-Nazi. And yet, the mainstream media won’t just come out and call him a fascist. What’s it going to take, an open demand for White Power? READ MORE

Here, Nessie Nessie

‘Why the Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster Will Never Die’
We here at MEL like to find and talk to men doing fascinating things with their lives. Staff writer Ian Lecklitner spoke to Steve Feltham, whose “job” as a full-time Loch Ness Monster hunter certainly qualifies. Find out what he had to say about why we’ll never give up on finding Nessie. READ MORE

Our Slacks, Presented Out of Context

Quote of the Day

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, you’ll hear a fair number of male comics go on and on about how “PC” culture is thwarting the ability of comedians to be funny. Tierney Finster spoke to a number of comics and comedy writers about this brave new world, and one, Michelle Badillo, put it this way:

It’s not just shitty — it’s lazy, people.

Too Long, Didn’t Read

Reading: It’s hard. If you happen to be more of a video guy (or gal), don’t stress out about nouns, verbs or even adverbs. Everyday, we take one of our lengthy pieces and commit it to film, for a video series we like to call TL;DR. Today’s episode was about farting at the urinal: Why do pissing and farting go so well together, and what’s a guy to do if he gets caught among the clouds?