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ICYMI: Average Dick Energy, Weaponized ‘We Need to Talk’ Texts and Mangagement Rings

Kicking things off today with an announcement: MEL has a YouTube channel. As around half of you are aware (at least, according to Medium’s “stats”) we’ve been highlighting videos at the bottom of every ICYMI post. Our burgeoning collection of programming includes Too Long; Didn’t Read, where we take pieces previously posted on the site and turn them into 1- to 3-minute explainers for the ADHD crowd; 60 Seconds of British Dick, where MEL editor (and foppish limey) Nick Leftley presents hard dick facts in his soft, non-threatening British accent; and the Weekend Binge, which you’ll definitely want to start watching if you’re like me and you spend more time looking for a movie on Netflix than actually watching one.

We’ve got some more stuff coming down the pike that we’re really excited about, but in the meantime, do us a favor, and as Jake Paul says, smash that subscribe button (at the very least, it’ll make our video guys feel good).

And now, here’s everything else that’s awesome on MEL today…

Must Read

“I Have ‘Average Dick Energy,’ and I’m Not Ashamed”
Ever since Ariana Grande maybe alluded to Pete Davidson’s possibly 10-inch hog, Twitter has gone wild in attempts to define (and provide examples of) an elusive quality called “Big Dick Energy.” No one would mistake staff writer Miles Klee for having BDE, however. He’s happy having Average Dick Energy, thankyouverymuch, and if you’re also an average-sized dick haver, you should be, too. READ MORE

We Need to Talk About ‘We Need to Talk’

That tweet’s got us loling, and it nicely sums up a piece by staff writer Tracy Moore about why scheduling a serious talk via text with a significant other is just about the cruelest thing you can do to another human being. Read why it’s so evil — and how it’s often used as a weapon by manipulative people as a weapon — here.

Put a Ring On It

What do Ed Sheeran, Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Astin and Johnny Depp have in common? They’re part of an emerging group of male celebrities who wear, or in Depp’s sad case, wore, mangagement rings.

Read about how this trend seems to be catching on among regular guys, too, and why it’s about time, here.

Fight Sounds

It’s one of the most iconic ass-kickings in cinema history. So how did the sound guys pick up every bone-cracking, upchuck-inducing crunch of Ed Norton’s face-destroying fight with Jared Leto in Fight Club? Poultry, baby:

For even more sound-artist secrets from the fights of Fight Club, click here.

Dicks, We’ve Got Your Dicks Here

In today’s episode of 60 Seconds of British Dick, we look at how, and more importantly why, it’s possible for a man to flex his penis.

Remember, while your dick can flex, don’t flex on anyone with your flexing dick.

Memes, We’ve Got Your Memes Here

Tame your snake, don’t let your snake tame you.