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Hitting Peak Hydration, Failed Guide Dogs and What Men Can Learn from the Eric Sundermann Debacle 

On my desk right now: A reusable coffee cup with melted ice from my morning iced coffee, two empty cans of LaCroix and a half-empty Fiji bottle. Yes, I pee every hour, on the hour, because as a (semi-)functioning member of the most hydrated society in history, this is WHAT. WE. DO.

Now go out there, fill up one (or all) of your five reusable water bottles and knock on wood if you’re with me.

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You Can’t Claim Ignorance of Your Abusive Friends and Colleagues
Following Jezebel’s expose of former Fader and VICE editor Eric Sundermann as a serial sexual abuser, reactions from those involved have fallen into two camps: The women, who say the abuse from Sundermann was overt and widely known; and the men, who claim the opposite. Fact is, if we take the men in Sundermann’s orbit at their word — a huge stretch by itself — at best, they weren’t paying attention, and at worst, they were deliberately burying their head in the sand. But if men want to be better allies toward women, they have to learn to notice what’s happening all around them (whether they want to or not). READ MORE

A Non-Toxic Men’s Movement

The men are not alright. Unfortunately, many of the groups advocating for men’s issues are also enforcing traditional and toxic masculinity, which totally sucks. But guys do need some kind of communal space to work through their shit, and they do need some kind of movement toward positive masculinity. But what exactly would that look like?

TFW Your Nickname is ‘Boomer’

In years past, Boomer has been a pretty decent nickname for men likely to exclusively refer to you as “big guy” and dogs. But could “OK, Boomer” change all that?

Jell-O Jigglin’

Jell-O is such a delightful, fun and fruity treat. Colorful and squishy, there are few foods kids (and tonsillectomy patients) love more. But what’s in the stuff?

Ahh, fuck it all to hell, Jell-O is made from the processed corpses of dead animals (i.e., gelatin). That’s what gives Jell-O it’s signature wiggle! And yet, according to Ian Lecklitner’s breakdown of the classic dessert’s ingredients, gelatin isn’t the only scary thing on the list.

WTF is a Mandalorian?

Don’t know what a Mandalorian is? Unsure what the Clone Wars were? Couldn’t give two shits? We’re with you! Even if you’re a casual fan of the Star Wars Universe, there are a few things you oughta know before digging into the new Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. But far more that you don’t.

Doggie Dropout

Therapy for the #HustlePorn Set

Let’s face it, the young men who toil in finance probably need therapy, but they often don’t have time for it. They’re too busy working 15-hour days moving imaginary money around and gunning for that next promotion. But when the wheels come off, these white-collar warriors are all starting to seek out the same thing: A life coach.

Snoozin’ On The Job

If we’re given an hour for lunch and a few 15-minute breaks throughout the day to fritter away as we see fit, why can’t we nap through them? Despite the many comfy couches that now line our hip, open-office workspaces, it’s still just not culturally acceptable to take a lil’ snooze during the workday, even if it’s good for us. That said, some guys have mastered the art of the on-the-job slumber. So allow them to help put you to sleep, too.

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