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Happy Birthday Guy Fieri, the Bob Ross of MREs and the Dudes Using Astrology to Break Up With Their Girlfriends

I freely admit, I used to hate Guy Fieri with a fiery (see what I did there?) and inexplicable passion. I’m not sure, exactly, what my problem was with the bleach-tipped celebrity chef, but I’m pretty sure it mostly had to do with his appearance. So when Pete Wells infamously ripped Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant to shreds in the pages of the New York Times, I was there for it.

But a funny thing happened on my way to clogged arteries: My opinion of Fieri changed, slowly at first and then real fuckin’ quick in the opposite direction. My man Fieri is cool. No, like, super cool. And I’d like to join Joe Longo in wishing this true king a happy birthday.

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