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Guys Being Dudes on the Moon, The Controversial Legacy of the RompHim and the Secret to Better Orgasms

I truly hope you’ll enjoy this Miles Klee ode to the Apollo 11 mission’s massive testicular energy as much as I did. Naturally, some will quibble with Klee’s conclusions that one of this country’s crowning achievements and perhaps the high-water mark in American ingenuity was an epic brofest. But as one person on Twitter pointed out, you’ve got to admit, the proof is in the pudding:

I can’t wait for us to bring you the history of shitting on the moon. Sounds right up our alley.

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“The Mid-Century Male Energy of Apollo 11”
Fifty years after Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong first stepped foot on the moon, and despite a few outliers here and there, the achievement of spaceflight and the Apollo 11 mission to the lunar surface have lingered in the popular imagination as feats of manliness. No doubt, it’s hard to reflect on these incredible moments in human history without noticing a faintly ridiculous “bro” vibe — or, as Miles Klee writes, “just guys being dudes in outer space.” READ MORE

Let’s Get Blacked Out

What’s the deal with millennial men who live alone and their commitment to darkness? Step into a bachelor pad these days, and odds are, while it’s unlikely there’s more than a single plate in the whole unit, what it lacks in materialism it more than makes up for with its meticulously installed bedroom blackout curtains.

Luke Winkie investigates what it is about sunlight that strikes fear in the hearts of men.

Bad Doctor

Dr. Jen Gunter, a New York Times columnist and OB/GYN who refers to herself as “the Gray Lady’s gynecologist,” posted (and then deleted) a tweet recently that attempted to claim that porn stars are getting surgery to alter their genitalia for the sole benefit of men, a claim she at no point backed up with fact. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with women in the adult industry, including the outspoken Lotus Lain. She writes that Gunter’s tweet is just the latest example of how the columnist sees porn performers as abnormal, and solely as the subject of the male gaze.

When Tinder Fails, Try Billboards

Braden Sharp, a 24-year-old data scientist, was frustrated with dating apps when he thought it might be funny to buy a billboard ad on a stretch of Utah highway. He was also out to poke fun at “millionaires” who frequently posted their own “will you date me?” ads. But when he finally pulled the trigger and spent the $1,500 he had saved up, he didn’t realize that his “joke” would eventually land him a spot on the Today show.

Quinn Myers spoke to Sharp about how his stunt came to be, and if he’s landed any dates since.

What The Heck is Refinancing?

Look, owning a home and dealing with all of its associated bullshit is confusing, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know how to replace your current mortgage with a (hopefully?) better one.

Boldly Going Where No Pet Has Gone Before

We asked an animal behaviorist, a certified veterinary assistant and others how little Fido and your cat Snookums might feel about getting put in a pet backpack not unlike the one that’s been making the rounds on Instagram. Let’s just say they better be used to tight spaces.

The RompHim’s Enduring Legacy

The RompHim — essentially a romper, but for him, get it? — has received endless scrutiny since it first launched in 2017. It was a go-to summer trend for men, often satirized for its wild prints and weird emphasis on masculinity, and lambasted for its gender-specific marketing. Yet in the two years since, it’s become “peak gay fashion.” Even still, it’s as controversial as ever.

Only the Lonely

It’s not just one of the internet’s favorite things to meme about — chronic loneliness is a serious issue in 2019, despite promises that social media and our ever-growing online interconnectedness would help bring us closer together. In fact, it’s become so bad, that even world leaders have come to realize they’ve got a massive crisis on their hands.

So You Want Stronger Orgasms, Do You?

Will kegels help? What about edging — or even meditation? Will reading Reddit sex tips help at all? Here’s what the science says.