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How to Get the Cock Rating of Your Horny Dreams

The rules of photography — and decent hygiene — always apply

For many people, OnlyFans isn’t just a place to look at people’s nudes — it’s where you pay performers to look at yours, too. Cock ratings have become a way for creators to interact with their clients, allowing subscribers to have an ultra-intimate part of themselves safely acknowledged and analyzed. 

That’s not to say that cock ratings can’t be nerve-wracking. After all, what’s more stressful than waiting in anticipation for a grade on your member? But what, exactly, can you do to boost your score? As seasoned cock-raters explain, size and shape do matter, but employing some pride and craftsmanship into that dick pic will get you much further.

The cock rating system is simple enough. Usually, cock ratings are offered via direct message on OnlyFans and similar platforms, where guys send a photo of their cocks for a creator to assess on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the cream-of-the-crop cock. Many performers offer written explanations to accompany their ratings, and others provide video recordings of their initial reactions to the dick pics. Rates can vary significantly depending upon format and demand, ranging from $5 to $50 or more. 

Porn star Siri Dahl estimates she’s sent out over 800 cock ratings, both via text and video. She tends to give her ratings based on averages, wherein a 5 out of 10 is the most common score. “Size and general appearance are the biggest factors,” she explains. “I also consider grooming and hygiene, photo quality and surroundings. Like, if a guy has a nice dick but sends me a dick pic taken POV style while standing over a toilet that needs to be cleaned, I’m giving him a 1.”

Dahl says her greatest qualm is with guys whose dicks look like they need to be moisturized. “Probably the biggest thing I dock points for is if the guy’s dick is clearly desiccated,” she tells me. “I subtract two points and tell them to put some fucking lotion on it. Dry dicks make me so sad.” 

Setting and adhering to some basic principles of photography are also key. “The highest ratings go to guys who already have a nice dick — not necessarily large, just nice and well taken care of — but then really go above and beyond with taking a great photo of it,” she says. “Confidence and knowing good angles for your dick photos make a big difference. I’ve gotten some legitimately beautiful dick pics, with gorgeous natural lighting and great framing.”

UrChaoticGF, another adult content creator who offers cock ratings, likes to base her ratings on what she knows about the customers (do they want to be degraded or complimented?), though her overall factors are similar to Dahl’s. “When I give ratings, I’m looking at everything from the size and appearance of the cock, to the lighting and angle of the photo,” she explains. “My ratings lean more on the complimentary side because ultimately I want people to leave the experience feeling confident about what they’re packing, unless they ask for me to be mean.” 

For those who want a higher score, she advises they focus on hygiene to ensure their junk is “not unkempt,” and again, that they practice shooting a decent photo. “Taking your dick pics in a clean area with nice lighting can do wonders,” she says.

There may not be much you can change about the length or girth of your dick, but don’t let that put you off. The art to acing a cock rating is in the effort you put into it. Photograph your dick like you would your LinkedIn headshot: in bright, natural lighting and free of clutter or dirty toilets.

As always, it’s not the size of the dick that matters — it’s how you pose it.