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Cover-Up at the LAPD, Recycled Nudes and the Artist Turning Your Favorite Video Game Characters into Nightmare Fuel

I personally don’t see a problem with women sending men recycled nudes. In fact, I think everyone should have a bank of nudes safely tucked away on their phones. Think about it: Maybe that shot of you spreading your cheeks from two years ago has the best combination of lighting, skin tone and suppleness. Plus, maybe when the moment for sending a nude presents itself, you’re in your car, and sticking your phone down your pants at a red light isn’t conducive to safe driving. Or maybe you packed on a pound or ten and want to be seen at your very best. Should you then waste your best nudes just because you’ve sent them to two exes and a handful of Tinder dates? Hell no.

Besides, most guys would be cheesed to get any nude, even if it was “gently used.” And if they throw a fit because recycled nudes are “lazy” or because they remind him that you’re not a virgin, fuck ‘em and the highfalutin, insecure horse they rode in on.

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“Inside the Case of a Murderous LAPD Detective That Could Bring Down the Whole Department”
In 2012, Stephanie Lazarus was convicted of first-degree murder of Sherri Rasmussen, the wife of a man with whom Lazarus had previously had a relationship. Both the trial and conviction made news because nearly a quarter century had elapsed between the murder and Lazarus’ arrest. And because until 2009, Lazarus had been a well-respected LAPD detective. It’s the intersection of those two points that make up the heart of Matthew McGough’s new book, The Lazarus Files, which recounts the murder in incredible detail, serving, in fact, as the investigation into the case the LAPD seems unwilling to conduct itself. READ MORE

Hello, Inmate, You’re On the Air

Legendary SoCal deejay Art Laboe has been subtly mixing music with social justice for more than 75 years. Over the course of his career on the airwaves, Laboe helped integrate the music industry, championed black and brown artists and gave air time to the underprivileged — and that’s when he wasn’t playing rock ‘n’ roll on the radio before anyone else, and pioneering catchphrases like “oldies but goodies.” Now 93, Laboe is still on the radio, and for his final act, he’s connecting prison inmates with their loved ones — live on the air.

Please Send (Recycled) Nudes

Nudes: We love ‘em. We love them on a train; we love them on a plane. There’s really nothing that would prevent us from ever NOT loving them — including the fact that we might be the second, third or four-thousandth person who’s seen them.

This Is So Dumb. And Yet…

Look, we’re just regular people who want real answers to a lot of stupid-ass questions. Monday’s case in point: How much of your donated blood eventually winds up in some donee’s boner. Today, we’re back with another dumb fuckin’ question: Who’s the dude who decides how high to install bathroom urinals?

Here’s To You, ‘Charge Your Phone’ Reply Guy

If you’ve spent even a modicum of time posting or writing on the internet, you’ve run into the “Reply Guy.” He’s the person who quickly assumes an attitude with you and whatever you’re going on about, and has the time to reply to just about everything. Reply Guys come in all shapes and sizes, but typically they all bucket into familiar archetypes:

And while a range of comments will automatically flag you as one of these men, one tic seems to be universal across all of them: “Charge your phone.”

The Purge

A relatively new phenomenon has been spreading across Instagram recently: People who delete all their photos and start over. In an age of government and corporate surveillance — not to mention creepy exes — you might think users are purging photos to keep their past away from prying eyes. But most are doing so for a different reason: The person in those photos just isn’t who they are anymore.

Behind the Back

Don’t go behind your significant other’s back with your stupid purchases, no matter what. Just. Don’t. Do it. Doesn’t matter the cost of the thing either — even hiding your $12 splurge at Taco Bell has the potential to bite you in the ass, hard. Ian Lecklitner spoke with a couples therapist to find out why we sometimes get the urge to hide our dumb spending habits, and what it says about our relationship when we do so.

Uncanny Valley

Did you love Mario growing up? Well then prepare to have your childhood ruined, because redditor and Instagrammer @shamgetz is out here drawing your favorite video game characters as literally as possible, even if that means those reimagined characters turn out to be grotesque nightmare fuel. Such as:

I’m so sorry everybody. from gaming

Holy shit.

Quinn Myers talked to the artist about his craft, the strange shit that inspires him and his 15 minutes of internet fame.